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On Poe’s blog, he says, “it would be a nice little change if everyone who assists in running down and defending an offensive plex were rewarded with a cut of the loyalty points.”


The day after Inferno Almity and I were mucking around in frigs in a plex and someone came in on us within the very last-minute of taking the plex. While fighting, he got outside of the timer while I happened to stay within range. I got the LP, he did not, but we were essentially doing the same thing, fighting the same target, defending the same plex. It made no sense for one person to get LP and not the other due to 5KM.

Before Inferno, the only thing a player got from plexing was victory points (VP) which increased your standings, and VP is rewarded from anywhere within the plex. So it makes absolutely no sense that LP wouldn’t be rewarded in the same manner.

From the CSM Summit: “CCP Soundwave expressed concern that this is just going to lead to fleets putting an interceptor on the button and waiting on the warp-in, and wants to leave the mechanic as it is for the time being and see how things play out.”

To which Poe says, “Soundwave’s response brings up the question, how often do the developers play EVE Online?”

Spot on.

It is very strange that using the most common fight tactics in a plex is somehow considered wrong by CCP standards.

I don’t doubt that CCP has toons in all of the militias, but I wonder do they actually play them? Watching the trolling in militia chat while being docked up doesn’t really make you a militia pilot. If they were in the fleets they would understand, I think, the necessity of warp-in fighting, and they would then reward LP for those inside the plex. Not just the schmuck who gets tasked with sitting on the timer.

Another post I think is interesting is on Susan Black’s blog about cyno jammers in FW. She brings up a lot of good questions and makes a lot of good points. I’m not sure where I stand on it yet. On one hand, I would like to keep null sec alliances hotdropping on a whim, on the other, I think it takes away something from the excitement of using caps in FW.

Every time I’ve used mine, there’s always a question in the back of my mind…who else knows we are dropping caps? And what are they going to do about it. It’s a bit thrilling.

She also suggests adding a module that “prevents pilots from lighting cynos.” I do think that’s a better idea instead of a system wide cyno-jammer.

However, I think I like the element of danger involved when using caps. That is a lot of ISK to the average FW player to lose, and it creates one hell of a bragging-rights kill mail for those who killed a cap.

So at the moment, I think I’m anti-cynojamming, but feel free to convince me otherwise!


14 Responses to “OPB, Other People’s Blogs..”

  1. Unfortunately this is by and large a scenario where a niche group of players are looking at the impact a change would make to only their player group; Cynojammers are a terrible idea, and come at a pretty hefty cost for 0.0 alliances- given that nullsec is CCP’s vision of ‘endgame’ content for EVE, I honestly doubt they will completely disrupt the logistic chains large alliances and coalitions depend on.

    Capitals in lowsec are nowhere near a large enough threat to even warrant the need to have Cyno Jammers, and getting dropped by supers is so rare, it doesn’t even happen once a month. They would also provide many faction warfare groups yet another way to keep their titans (although few) safer; in that just because you can’t light a cyno in system, doesn’t mean they can’t bridge fleets out of that system.

    Covert Cyno’s are also not subject to a cynojammer either, so that point is out entirely. While I can see the point that someone will try and say it will stop dreads from blapping a FW iHub in one siege cycle, the structure itself doesn’t stand up to large numbers very well, and will get vaped by two dozen bombers (which is no stretch at all for a militia to muster).

  2. I do think that a cyno jamming option could be interesting, but only if it comes with a “fuelled by X LP for Y minutes of activation” sort of implementation. Susan did raise a good pwere a high tier upgrade it won;t be used as it will be of most use when the system is being fought over – the low to no tiers. It really should not be an ‘always on’ deal.

    Cyno jamming module is interesting, but I don’t see it being an option in time for winter. Also, it would need a pretty large range to be useful, possibly extending beyond a grid even.

    On Soundwave, I have questioned his experience of FW before myself. From what he has had to say on FW to date I don;t think he has any practical experience of it himself. He comes from a null sec background and when talking about FW it shows. However, I don;t think its fair to be too hard on him about it.

    No single person can truly be an expert on every aspect of EVE, there will be other devs with much more personal experience who will hopefully talk him out of bad ideas like that suggestion he had awhile back to remove the faction navy NPC’s from hi sec. Would be nice if we could hear more directly from the dev’s in the FW team instead.

    • i like Ugleb’s idea on the cynojammer thing. a “fuelled by X LP for Y minutes of activation” sort of implementation. It should also have a reasonable time cap on it so you can’t dump LP into it to keep it running for hours. That is how it show be if it does get put in FW, but i personally don’t want a cynojammer in FW.

      Susan also has a good idea in adding a mod that prevents a player from lighting a cyno. But i feel such a mod would be a Fleet standard and you’d have 5-6 HIC’s lighting the cyno-jamming bubbles everywhere to keep a large part of the field safe. So potentially, you have fleets set up to deny any kind of cyno’ing caps or ships , which is no fun for the other side.

      I’ve always loved it when the call for dreads or carriers goes out, and you see the X’s or you hear the discussion on comms, it gets my blood pumping because i know if everything goes down, there will be awesome about to happen. I’ve yet to fly a capital ship in battle, but i’ve had to FC the sub-caps in a fight, and nothing excites me more than when the cyno goes up and those dreads or carriers jump in. 🙂

  3. Also, one of you got the killmail, and the other didnt.
    One of you got to salvage the wreck and the other didnt.
    There are so many unfair things in this world that I don’t understand why everyone gets so upset about LP.

  4. Where is the “don’t really care” button?

    • BTW my last comment was about the cyno jammers.

      What was more disturbing from the csm minutes was soundwave and two step wanting to end the ship restrictions on plexes. I’m glad Hans and Elise were there.

      • Yeah, that is very much the thinking of people who don’t play FW seeing a defining feature as a fault.

      • Anya Sulii Says:

        Since I use plexes primarily to get fights based on what I’m flying (want a frigate duel? Jump into a minor!) and also to avoid heavier gangs (can’t take the BC fleet in my SFI? Dive into a med!) this change would be pretty devastating to my flying style.

        Regarding cynojammers, I would say they’re not needed. Hotdrops by random (or batphoned) nullsec alliances are not common and disruptive enough to warrant an ‘Iron Curtain’, and a hostile militia cap drop is just an opportunity to kill war target caps.

  5. Amymuffmuff Says:

    just saying shalee. Your link to the minmatar KB is totally out of date so please change it to the one we have been using for the majority of this year 🙂


  6. Amymuffmuff Says:

    i can get an amarr board like that easy. i can poke the right people 🙂

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