Happy Birthday To My Corp

I feel compelled to do a birthday post since most of my corpies have already.

Imperial Outlaws is a year old.

Some of you may already know that we splintered from KOTMC for various reason, mostly due to a little RP drama. Basically we were outgrowing what KOTMC had originally started as.

We wanted to kill things. All the things. Not just the dirty Minmatar, but sometimes we wanted to shoot other things, targets of opportunity- and sometimes those don’t come with a nice little militia star.  Some of us wanted to shoot a thing and not worry about getting strongly worded letters from CVA. lol.

So we splintered and joined an alt corp I created, Imperial Outlaws.

In this new corp, we would live up to our Outlaws name. In the beginning we struggled to stay above negative five, though after a few months we decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. Pirates were the bread and butter of our corp.

But one thing I insisted on, always, was that we would remain Amarr Militia.

After a while, we had moved off to Otosela- a non FW system on the far end of the Minmatar war zone  19 jumps or so from our previous home base.

It was the best thing we could have ever done for our corp. At the time, the Minmatar heavily outnumbered the Amarr and we were getting frustrated with the blobbing and having the same exact fights, night after night.

In Otosela, it was like moving out into the wilderness  Pioneering. We had no one to rely upon but ourselves. We had no militia allies to fleet with, no one to call for backup. We were alone, and that taught us how to rely upon one another.

We were a small, tight knit group of pilots who learned hit and run tactics  to use scouts and cover all your gates, to fight outnumbered and win, to use the element of surprise to our advantage.

And then suddenly TEST decided to use Otosela as their staging base for one of their campaigns. Our sleepy little system turned into chaos overnight.

True to their name, they surely ‘tested’ my patience, though of course that is how they play the game. Once again we found ourselves in an omfg-wtf-blob situation. However, to our credit, we were able to have a lot of fun, choosing our fights wisely.

After TEST had moved on, we were faced with some internal drama, basically two alpha males clashing and we had a few rough weeks where many of us weren’t certain if the corp could survive it.
I convinced the other directors that we should ‘go home’, lick our wounds, and rebuild our corp with militia pilots.

We moved to Arzad, a system that is within the Amarr/Minmatar war zone but far enough away from Late Night alliance that we wouldn’t constantly be getting blobbed. We could use the tactics we learned while in Otosela and have a lot of fun once more within militia.

It was a good move for us. We picked up several new pilots. Almity, one of my fellow directors, rose to the task of becoming one of Amarr’s most trusted FCs. We formed new bonds with old Amarr corps. We were once again a strong, well oiled machine.

And then Inferno was announced. Suddenly plexing was going to matter and that is something our corp never really cared for. Knowing that station lock out was imminent, we chose a system close to the warzone without being an official FW system. We moved once again, and it was the right thing to do for our corp despite backlash we received for moving.

As Inferno drew closer, many of the Amarr FW corps decided to leave. They asked us to leave with them, and for a while we discussed it. Stay or go? Stay and fight outnumbered, a situation we were used to, or leave with the others as a protest to CCP for such horrible changes?

In the end we decided to stay. Again, we were faced with overwhelming odds stacked against us. As Inferno went live, we were locked out of just about every station within our warzone. With the Minmatar drawing massive amounts of new farmers to their side, we were further outnumbered and our side had Fweddit, a group of guys who could fly T1 thrashers.

Regardless, we embraced our Fweddit ‘brahs’. We made friends of Moar Tears. We opened up dialogue for the short-lived visitation of Nulli. We sought out Agony. With every new group in our time zone, we reached out, forged friendships, and shared a difficult kind of existence in Amarr Militia.

So, after a year, this is who we are and these are the things we have survived.

We have become many things, but most importantly we have become friends. We have become an online family of sorts, and I can truly say that I love each and everyone of my corpmates, I am so proud of them and everything they have accomplished.

Happy Birthday ILAW, heres to another year.

~ Shalee

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday To My Corp”

  1. Happy birthday guys; my experience in FacWar would never have been the same without such wonderful opponents. ❤

  2. Happy Birthday ILAW!

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