FC Relationships

I’ve had in mind for a while now to write about the FC’s who have groomed me into the pilot that I have become today (through no fault of their own lol).

Starting EVE is hard enough with low skill points and an all about floundering about with no clue on how to fit your ships, what to do and where to go.  Doing it as a female gamer makes it ten times worse.

My first corp was PIE, as many of you may know. And if you aren’t familiar with PIE, it is one of the oldest corporations in EVE, a pure role-playing corp. When I joined them they were a part of the Amarr Militia. They have many rules, one of them is that you can only fly Amarr hulls. Needless to say, I became knowledgable of all the Amarr ships but failed to learn any of the other races for a very long time.

In PIE, we plexed. Like, we plexed a lot. The first nine months of my EVE career can be summed up by plexing and roleplaying. I spent the majority of my time in a frigate. We had nightly plexing fleets but I rarely ever PVPed, that I remember.

Garst Tyrell of No.Mercy was in PIE when I was. He and I were great friends, we role played a lot (check out the early days of my RP blog), but we never flew together. He never saw my value as a PVP pilot, only just a ‘cute widdle gurl I could squeeze your cheeks’. Or something to that effect.  Garst left PIE and became one of the leading FCs in militia before his corp moved off to null sec.

Zenton Karvash was in PIE as well with me. He and I (and the wonderful Omnicide Incarnate) would plex too. (a lot, remember?) but as soon as he started pvping, he would lose patience with my lack of skill and I’d go off pouting and I never really learned anything from him either.

The only thing I can really remember being a big part of in PIE was the Battle for Kamela. I was in the tackle squad and Jackman2232 was my first real FC. I remember thinking how much fun he was. (until him I’d only ever been exposed to super-serious PIE folk)

While in PIE, I met Aldrith Shutaq. We role played a lot, but also we started plexing together. We would do our slicer of doom duos, and got pretty good at being each other’s wingman.  Instead of running from fights, I’d stick it out, live or die.  Eventually we would leave PIE and create the corporation, Knighthood of the Merciful Crown.

Suddenly EVE was brand-spanking-new. I started to venture out into militia fleets. I remember the first fleet I joined was FCed by some scrub who flirted with me the whole time.

But I didn’t lose hope! I was determined to pvp, because once you have a taste for it, you crave it. I wanted to fly big important ships, I was so sick of romping around in frigates!

And that is when everything changed. Predator Elite joined Amarr Militia and started his BC roams. Apprehensively I joined his fleet one night (because I totally had a BC fitted up), expecting the worst, braced myself for ‘omfg its a gurl‘ or ‘wtf you don’t know how to fly that thing, off with you!‘. But no. He was chill. He was like, meh whatever, get to the gate we are rolling out.  Finally I found a place to really learn what to do.

Until then, I’d never really been a part of fleets and knew very little about pvping unless it was in a frigate and wasn’t sure how to be a part of a large fleet with the sole purpose of killing all the things.

I’ve decided that FC relationships are a lot like real life ones, and these are how my FCs rank up:

Predator Elite, ‘the HighSchool Boyfriend’.

He knew of my inexperience but it didn’t matter to him. He took his time and taught me much of what I know today. He gave me the confidence to join his fleets. And the more I flew with him, the more I learned. He was always very patient with me and willing to answer any question I might have without making me feel like a complete scrub. And there were so many questions. He always made me feel a necessary part of the fleet, not because I was female, but because of the dps I brought.

Eran Mintor, aka ‘that one hippie guy you get into a relationship with to spite your parents’.

I had met Eran in local one night, he a Minmatar, I Amarr. I had known of him, that he was one of the Minni FCs leading the push for Arzad. Back then we fought like mad for that one system, some of the most fun fighting I’ve ever experienced. We started talking ‘in character’ aka rp, and eventually through rp I convinced him to become a ‘race traitor’ and join Amarr. Fun times. As an FC, Eran tought me heaps, how to fit my ships and how to fly them. As Predator, he had endless patience with me.

First General and Zero2Respect, ‘college hookups with no strings attached’.

After Pred and Eran, there were a couple of other’s I’d flown under once or twice like First General and Zero2respect.   Zero’s fleets were very fast paced, but it was fun trying to keep up with him! Zero was in the Euro time zone, so it would be rare that I could join his fleets, but I loved them when I could. He would run huge fleets of fast small stuff and people would be all over the place, spread out at all the gates across two or three systems. From Zero I learned that I didn’t really need to be in a controlled fleet at all times with an FC holding my hand.

First General’s fleets are the exact opposite of Zeros. FG is very precise and in control. He projects this amazing calm, confidence, and flies the bigger, blingier stuff. If he were a boyfriend he’d be something akin to Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. (aka rich, powerful, and dominating). From FG I learned how to be a part of perfectly executed fleet.

Almity, ‘the Husband’. Steady, reliable.

I have been flying under Almity for over a year now, and we have settled into a nice routine. He has a nice soothing voice over comms and makes everyone feel at ease. He is encouraging and helpful, teaches when I ask. Ignores my faults. Praises my wins. He is awesome. He has all the qualities I love in an FC.  He doesn’t take unnecessary risks either, he’s not much of a LeeRoy, which I greatly appreciate.  What I learned from Almity is how to think outside of the box, like when he surprises the Minnis with RR nomens.

DurrHurrDurr, ‘that drunken one night stand you regret all your life’.

Haha, just kidding. To be fair, I’ve only flown in a handful of fleets under Durr. If you can get past the overly loud (seriously fucking loud), obnoxious TEST-esque behavior, then it’s worth flying in one of his fleets. He is good at what he does, which is blowing up the enemy and seriously pissing them off. I learned where the mute button on Mumble is because of him! (which isn’t a good thing, I almost missed a fleet rolling out because I forgot I had him muted)

So those are my favorite FCs who have made the most impression upon me, for better or for worse. Tell me about some of yours and why they made such an impression upon you.


6 Responses to “FC Relationships”

  1. Love the comparisons, they are spot on.

  2. One of my first experiences out in militia was having my slicer blown to bits by a Pred fleet. Being super new to eve and FW I was not sure I’d be welcome in his fleet so I decided I would follow them and maybe point something.

    I guess Pred thought I was a spy and while sitting still on a gate he told someone to pop me. Down went my little slicer and i podded home having no clue as to why I was killed. Later I sent Pred a mail(i think they trolled me in local calling me a spy after they killed me) and he said next time just join the fleet.

    And the rest is history!

  3. Wonderful simile!

    I haven’t flown in fleets often enough, much less under the same FCs, to specifically remember them – with the exception of the Agony class roams and specifically Caldak. His roams I always looked forward to.

    Which probably makes him the “Impossible Crush, way out of your league (and possibly old enough to be your dad), but you hang around anyway for the warm feeling, and hoping to pick up what it takes to find somebody like him further down the road”.

  4. It almost sounds like DHD gave you herpes…

    NO, WAIT, I have a better one. It almost sounds like DHD gave you ear AIDS….

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  5. an Interesting read. I’m imagining the FC flirting while giving fleet directions. *deep voice* Pull up to the gate, baby..yeaa, now hold up while I slide in there. Alright, now lets see you jump jump.

  6. Omnicide Incarnate Says:

    We plexed… a LOT! …lol i stil lrememebr when u decided u wanted to play the big important ships 🙂

    Im all like… but why, they are no fun, u dont get the adrenaline or anything

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