Shalee’s Warzone Diary

Last night I logged onto EVE, checked to see if corp had a fleet or were doing anything, we had a couple of people out soloing, which I suck at so I checked to see what Fweddit was up to.

They had a kitchen sink fleet out in Metropolis and invited me to tag along. I nano’ed out a ruppy and went to meet up with them. They headed back to meet me around Hofjaldgund/Eszur. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that area, there is only one star gate that leads into Metro, and it is frequently camped with insta locking-omfg-popping ships.

I used to be a little bit arrogant about gate camps while I was in a frig. I mean really, what are the odds I’m going to get caught? I flew a frig for nine months in PIE, I was good at running away! I remember the first time someone warned me of going through that gate, and I scoffed, thinking ‘oh I got this.’ Well, they got me instead lol.

The FC last night warned of a gate camp on that gate, and said he’d bring the fleet back to meet up with me there, that way anyone who wanted to drop fleet could head on back to Egghelende.

Once I got there, the enemy gate camp had left, but I did manage to help point and nearly kill a Proteus, but he managed to make it back to gate, where half the Fweddit fleet was waiting on the other side to finish him off. Boo, no kill mail.

At that time an EVE Uni gang was reported somewhere or other. Someone in fleet opened up a convo with their FC and arranged a fight.

We all headed back to Egghelende and shipped down into destroyers. We outnumbered them a bit and offered to let them ship up into cruisers but they declined, so some of us shipped down into frigates.

We headed out and while we waited, a congo line was formed. Serious effort was put into the congo line!

( picture provided by Almity, obviously my chat boxes are in pink 😛 )


We were bored. And a bored Fweddit is a dangerous thing. Many, many links were posted in fleet, but I’ve learned long ago not to click the things. Ever.

When we left station I had a security status of -4.0. I had thought to just wait in the fight for some of EVE Uni to go GCC so that I wouldn’t lose any sec, however, too many in our fleet were flashy pirate and they called them primary. I said fuck it, sec status be damned, and started locking up all the things that were close enough to kill. I waited for over an hour for that fight, so I was getting anxious to shoot something!

The fight was pretty fun, my little coercer lived. We waited out GCC and headed back.  I returned with a security status of -4.6.  So close to being flashy pirate!

Some of EVE Uni came onto Fweddit comms after the fight to chat which I thought was pretty cool.

I’m thinking of posting on the EVE Uni forums under their recruitment section, I.LAW is always looking for new pilots! If you didn’t know, I’m also the Recruitment Director for I.LAW but have been really bad about putting any effort into actual recruiting. About half of our guys come from us blowing them up and then them convoing us asking to join lol. I finally put up an add on the EVE forums, I’d be really appreciative if you guys posted on it!

All in all it was a pretty low key night, but still very fun.  I wanna give a big shout out to Fweddit & Moar Tears for letting me tag along! ♥


4 Responses to “Shalee’s Warzone Diary”

  1. That is one beautiful Conga line!

  2. What screen resolution do you run at? Your screen seems very cramped.

  3. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    Yaaay shalee blogged

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