Shalee’s Warzone Diaries, pt 2

Last night was our corp tournament to celebrate our one year anniversary. Corpies were asked to fit up three tech 1 frigs without t2 rigs, ECM, Jams, or active reps. I drew names and of everyone who was participating and paired people up.

Almity had set up a safe spot out in Egghelende and had the two fighters warp in to him, where he was streaming it so everyone back at the station could watch.

After we lost two fights, we were out of the contest.

Honestly I’m not much of a solo pilot and I rarely ever duel, so I was kind of hoping to die early on so that I could just get things over with! I really don’t know why I was nervous over flying a frig! I’ll drop a dread easily and not be nervous at all. So strange.

Surprisingly, I won my first two fights in a tormentor. For my third round, I tried out a merlin, but ended up losing. Overall I came in 3rd place. Durr came in seconds, with Snape winning.

Then we had a Battle Royale, with RTS Avalanche from TMFED joining us. For this, we all warped into the bookmarked safe spot within 30 KM, and pretty much shot each other until one person was left alive. This was hilariously fun. For this, I flew a whatever-mods-I-have-in-my-hangar fit punisher. In the end it came down to RTS, Kato, and I.  Kato ended up winning in a slasher.

After our tournaments, some of us joined up with Fweddit and Agony, they had a plexing/pvping fleet going on in Kourmonen.

Some things never change. We’ve been fighting over Kourm since I’ve been in FW. Currently the Amarr holds the system but the Minmatar are keen on taking it back, which is a good thing because that means we get a lot of fights.

The bad part of that is that the Minmatar base out of Huola, one jump away, so they can quickly reship. I.LAW and Fweddit lives several jumps out so when we die, it’s a chore to reship quick enough.

And since we are fighting over plexes, whoever is first inside usually wins the fight because they are able to set up at ranges, get their ECM far enough away etc. It’s a bitch trying to warp griffins and such into a plex, they pretty much insta pop.

Despite reshipping issues, we won all the fights that I was there for. When I called it a night we were holding Kourmonen.

Today when I logged on, Kourmonen had been plexed to around 65%, the system was swarming with Minis! Many think we will lose it again, which makes plotting to store some ships there for reshipping a pointless task. Once they take the system we will be locked out of the stations.

Have I mentioned how much I hate station lock outs?

Oh, and I’m really jealous that I missed out on the Bhaalgorn, Vindi, Logi, etc fight. It happened about an hour or two before I logged on. Really, no one should be doing ANYTHING til I log on dammit! Is that too much to ask?!

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    Here is a BR that actually shows the entire fight instead of the one-sided affair you linked. GF, but hardly the massacre you have implied it was.

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