Tonight, Hans Jagerblitzen from the CSM came onto the Fweddit comms to chat about the state of FW and the direction it is headed.

For the two hours I was there, I was highly impressed with everyone’s manners (it’s Fweddit after all lol) and thought that a lot of people brought forth some really great ideas.

A couple of things people came up with:

Make all faction ships only available through FW stores.

Give incentive to join the losing side by giving the same LP throughout the factions for pvp kills.

Give incentive to join the losing side by doing…well, anything.

Fix the war zone map.  It really needs some attention.

More on this later after the discussion is over!


3 Responses to “Blurb”

  1. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    It’s funny that all the ideas Hans thinks up himself are fkn stupid. Mostly the ideas suggested to him are what CCP seem to go for. We should have voted Susan for CSM but pretty sure she wouldn’t want to do it.

  2. Damar Rocarion Says:

    Hans is a useless lump of flesh and biased as

  3. Hans was very straight forward on this. There is no economic balance at all in the new system.

    In the old systems there was because there was no lp for d-plexing. But lots of minmatar felt they were being punished for winning so they were very quick to change that.

    They ignored the criticisms of this new system. Appearantly everyone adopted soundwave’s view that people would join the losing side for the supposedly better pvp opportunities.

    So one side gets paid 2xs as much isk for the same exact activity. The other side has some vague promise of more pvp opportunity. Are we really supposed to pretend we don’t know how this will work out?

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