Guest Post: From the Caldari War Zone


Author, Steven Alexander

The Caldari Militia has been one of the most entertaining and interesting experiences I’ve had thus far inside my time playing EVE Online. Coming from null sec life, I didn’t really know what to expect living in low sec, and having a constant wardec on my hands. But the more I dove into it, the more engrossed I became, and the more interesting it became to me. These are my viewpoints of the happenings inside of the Cal Mil. Names and places have been changed in some places to protect the Militia, myself, and to make sure no vital intel is leaked.

The most recent modifications to the FW playstyle really hampered the Cal Mil. We had been planning to take a few key systems in our territory and to push out the frogs in our attempt to reclaim our own region. But between that, and a few unfriendly pirate groups, making any real progress on our long term goals has been practically impossible. Not to mention the frequent and ever-growing drama snowball that keeps coming at us. At one point we had (and still have) blue on blue wars, blue allied with orange against blues, blue with red against oranges, blue and orange against red, and all the above against neuts. Somedays logging onto Eve is almost a bear, not knowing what was said against you or your corporation, or if someone in your corp was a spy for the frogs, or rebels. Only time will tell for us to know exactly what the long term consequences will be, though as all four racial militias will have to deal with what happened, and what might occur as time goes on.


One Response to “Guest Post: From the Caldari War Zone”

  1. Hans Jagerblitzen Says:

    “The most recent modifications to the FW playstyle really hampered the Cal Mil. ”

    What concrete changes are affecting your ability to achieve your goals? I understand the timing of the announcement was inconvenient for many, but that was out of the community’s hands, but I’m very much interested though in how the new changes have affected the day-to-day gameplay in FW.

    Do you feel you would be as frustrated with the current system if there weren’t as many rats to chew through? I know system flipping is rather slow at the moment with plexes taking twice as long to run, but that should go faster past Dec. 4. If not the length of time to run plexes, what else do you feel has been a negative change?

    I appreciate your thoughts, but its hard to improve the system based on what we’re seeing without a little more detailed feedback. Please correct my if I’m wrong, but much of what you describe are social issues that CCP cannot address through mechanics (drama, spies, pirate intervention.)

    Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to discuss things further, I’d love to hear more…

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