Why the recruitment forum sucks.

My recruitment thread on the EVE forums got locked for 48 hours because my corp mates were posting on it telling about their experiences in our corp.

Apparently that is against the rules.

As I was browsing other recruitment threads, I saw where one post got locked down because the author ‘bumped’ his thread by putting battle reports.

Apparently that is against the rules too.  

And no offense to these people, but they posted with ‘bump’ with several different accounts on the same day and no one said anything.  Oh, and these guys didn’t follow the ‘rules’ either.

But no one said anything there either.

(and those were just the first 3 I clicked on)

So obviously the ISD (the guys & gals who run the forums) pick and choose those who they will punish for whatever reason.

Kind of annoying, really. I think they if they are going to go all rule nazi, then do it to everyone.

However, I think those rules should really change. They are very unhelpful in the recruiting process. Corp members should be able to post on their corp’s recruitment thread. Others should be able to recommend other corps as well. It’s the height of absurdity to not allow these things.

If the point of the recruitment forum is to pick up new pilots, to give a sense of what your corp/alliance is about, then why not allow the people who are actually IN the corp to have their say? Why lock a thread because it shows a battlereport, a very clever way of showing what the corp is about?

I also think the Recruitment forum is an unorganized mess. Why can’t there be sub forums to make finding specific types of corps a tad bit easier?

It should be something like:

Recruitment – General
Recruitment – Pilots ISO of a Corp
Recruitment – Null Sec Alliances & Corps
Recruitment – Factional Warfare Corps
Recruitment – Pirate & Low Sec Corps
Recruitment – Mercenary Corps
Recruitment – Wormhole Corps
Recruitment – High Sec Corps
Recruitment – Mining & Industrial Corps

I think it makes  more sense to have it easier for a player to find what they are looking for instead of forcing them to wade through 10 pages to find 3 kinds of corps they are looking for.

3 Responses to “Why the recruitment forum sucks.”

  1. If that is the current CCP policy, you’re right Shalee, it sounds very counter-productive. Having legitimate testimonials from existing corp members should be exactly the right way of presenting a corp as a potentially worthwhile organisation. It works in just about every other field of recruitment. SOunds like CCP/ISD need to review that.

  2. Astrial Stargazer Says:

    The sub forum is a good idea, but it would never work. Why you ask…because it makes to much sense and would be to easy. But I agree the cruitment forum is all assed up.

  3. You should put it up on Features & Ideas. Or mail the CCP dude who ‘runs’Recruitment, and put forward an argument. I have found on several occasions that CCP does listen – things get raised at meetings all the time, and it might not happen immediately, but it will happen.

    I think Recruitment Forum also detracts from the in-game tool in that they are running in parallel. You should be able to link a recruitment forum thread from your in-game ad, which IS searchable, whereas the recruitment forum is not.

    ie; having 30 sub-forums for ‘carebears with small guns but NSFW chat’ and various iterations, isn’t as useful as the in-game tool’s ability to filter ads by relevance.

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