Warzone Diaries, pt 4, ‘Angels, Demons, & Brave Newbies’


I’m having too much fun in FW these days.

After Inferno was released last year, I pretty much loathed FW. Like passionately, but at the same time, I stayed on despite having 50 people logged onto militia, roughly half of that in our fleet. Despite the silly 1-16th LP pay out. Despite having the war zone steamrolled by the Minmatar plexing alts in gunless ships.

But here we are months later, after Retribution, and FW is so much fun now. CCP balanced the LP and tweeked plexing so that gunless rifters can’t offensively plex. They added some stargates so that we weren’t cut off from Metro. Oh, and the new Crimewatch stuff made things even more awesome.

Things are good.

After reading Susan’s blog (which mentions Almity’s blog), it seems there are some misconceptions about what we do.

Does Almity use caution when FCing? Yes, of course, any good FC would.

Do we also say fuck it and welp all the things? Absolutely. Like last night, we took the corp out for a little dessie roam. We breeze through the Ardar star system and everyone was like, whoaaa that’s a lot of war targets in system! We realized that it was vulnerable, so we assumed there was some IHUB bashing going on. (For those who don’t know FW, once the system is plexed all the way up to vulnerable, you then have to shoot the IHUB to actually claim the system)

On comms everyone was eager to suicide, it was hilarious really. I remember Vagrian saying, “I don’t even LIKE this coercer, so let’s do it!”

Thirteen versus fifty. What could possibly go wrong? lols.

After that, we headed back to Egg to reship.

Other things happened but the most fun was when a fleet of ‘Brave Newbies Inc.’ decided to camp the Egghelende gate in Siseide. We were all spread out by this time across various nearby systems plexing when their gang was reported.

We decided once more to just welp it, so those who were in system warped to the gate and huddled up for a Mexican stand-off. We sat there, waiting, waiting, waiting.. (so if this were a movie there would be classic slow motion shots of the pilots with a trickle of sweat rolling down their face lol) and then finally, the Brave Newbies engaged.

At first we decided just to shoot those who engaged….but no fucks were given once the shooting started, I just couldn’t help myself and I started locking all the things.

My precious sec status took a nosedive from -3.9 to -4.3. Dammit! Though a part of me wants to rat it back up to positive…then theres this other side of me that just wants to go straight to negative 10. It’d be so easy to just shoot all the things! It’s like the classic angel & devil sitting on my shoulders, tempting and scolding me all the time.  The angel says things like ‘don’t you want to be a model citizen again?Don’t you want to go to your beloved Amarr again? And think of your roleplay!’ But then the devil says things like, ‘if something is in your war zone it should die! Don’t you want to be like your corpies? You’re a combat pilot, you should be able to shoot what you want dammit!’

See my dilemma!

Anyhow, the fight with the Brave Newbies was awesome, props to them for bringing it!

But the best kill was in Huola at the start of the night. It was just a few of us, early yet, roaming around in frigs, 3 comets & a slicer to be precise. (guess who the slicer pilot was!) We go to Huola, our nightly ritual now to run a novice. My corpie xEcho reckons with one plex a night we will take Huola in oh, a hundred days. I reckon he is bad at math, and well, logic. (jk, love you xEcho!)

So we go into the plex and start chattering in local, doing ‘sounds’. One of the Minmatar play along, Riven Maskar, doing rp sounds as well. Riven warps to our plex gate, someone bounces out and chases him around, finally catches him and we all bounce the plex and warp in to whore the mail. The final sound was like, ‘kapow’ as he exploded. It was funny, guess you had to be there! Riven was a good sport though. Props to him.

Oh! And two more blogs you just gotta read. My new corpie, Katerina has started a blog. It’s mostly RP now because I’ve suckered her into rping with me. And Ashraine, from Fweddit, has started a blog. Both very good reads, check them out!




3 Responses to “Warzone Diaries, pt 4, ‘Angels, Demons, & Brave Newbies’”

  1. You’re at -4.3. That’s okay then. You can continue to use that Pirate Girl image. 🙂

  2. Shalee, I’m actually flashy now by 0.097 points. 😦 I blame Eve Uni. We have a new ROE that neutrals inside our plexes are considered to be hostile unless otherwise blue. I need to go shoot an Angel Cartel cruiser or something.

  3. Just go -10 already, all the cool kids are doing it.

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