Joni Does Fanfest

Was it very costly to go?

For me, everything cost around 1600€. That included plane tickets , hotel for 5 nights , fanfest tickets , eating and drinking.

Alcohol is heavily taxed , so if you plan to drink shoppings at taxfree when you arrive to iceland, ppl there are very helpfull with amounts you can take with you.

Eating was cheap, comparable to prices I’m used to.  For instance,  bacon pasta (they do know how to make food there, yummy!!) cost around 7-10€.  However, it’s harder to find meat, like steak or something.

How many days were you in Iceland?

We were from Wednesday to Monday morning, so 5 full days.

Describe Fanfest for those of us who haven’t ever been?

Fanfest is to meet people, just talk to everyone! Like I met guy who has killed me a lot! Damn you Karl Planck!. Everyone there seems to be happy and willing to talk.  (even with me and my baaad English) 

Also, keynotes were full of information which is otherwise hard to dig and get together, even after all those devblogs.

What were your most favorite things about Fanfest?

Gotta say again , meeting peoples!  I’m Finn so, I don’t complain about drinking a lot at party on the top of the world, also the view is awesome.

Did it meet your expectations?

Yes pretty much, it wasn’t so much of nerd cave as I expected. One thing surprised me…the water , it smells like fart, because of sulphur,  but even me with my extra sensitive nose I  got used to it so it’s not deal breaker.

Name some people that you met.

Hmm, hard one. I met Karl Planck , some dudes whose  names I can’t recall from Veto and Cyno.  Also some funny dude from Test.

And of course guys from Finnvasion!! Elodin Vintaes , BenZkie , Demonos Silentium , shot, me , Balrighian , and Vincent Pryce.

Plus many many many dudes and girls from everywhere from eve, I just can’t remember everyone.

Did you get a tattoo while there?

No I didn’t. I was sooo close to getting one but then I thought it’s going to be difficult to keep it clean etc.

How much alcohol did you drink?

Uhm…too much?

Did you do anything else while in Iceland other than Fanfest?

No, besides eating in town. . which I’m gonna fix at next year’s fanfest.

Do you think you’ll attend Fanfest 2014?
– YES , yes yes yes and yes yes!!



(more pictures from Joni’s trip can be found here!!!)



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  1. Question is: will we see Shalee on FF 2014?

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