War Zone Diaries- The Empire Strikes Back!

The last couple of weeks in the war zone have been mad crazy with the Amarr Militia slowly climbing out of it’s hole.

We were down to one system. ONE, out of seventy or more, and from what I read, most people thought we wouldn’t even hold that one either.

There are many reasons that the Amarr were on the brink of losing it all:

1. Out numbered. If you watched the Militia pilot counts over the last few months, you would see that the Minmatar always outnumber Amarr. By thousands.

2. Russians. Soooo many Russians who love to plex and only plex. They warp-core-stab their ships, never want to fight, hide in POS’s and say things in local like ‘it’s okay, we will plex it once you go to bed.’

3. Predator Elite. After his drama with Pinky & Fweddit, he pulled his corp out of the Amarr Militia…and began shooting them. Sure, he has blues with *some* Amarr corps, but not all, which left his minions to hunt Amarr at will. And they did, especially in Kamela on the undock. It got so bad that Kamela had fallen because they were getting picked off by Pred’s guys.

devil pred


It was nearly a recipe for the Minmatar getting a medal for conquering all the systems. Sure, it’s just a medal in a game, but apparently it meant a lot to some people…myself included.

I just couldn’t tolerate the thought of it!

We had two options at that point; Move to the one remaining system, Sahtogas, by hunkering down ‘Fort Apache’ style, hoping we could hold onto the system and perhaps try to fight our way around the neighboring systems.

...or try to ninja a system elsewhere, which is easier said than done. We knew that anything nearby the star-system we lived would be impossible, so we pulled out the map and voila, we chose the last system in our war zone. We scouted the area, found a non-FW system to base out of and before I could even officially put out a corp mail about it, my guys were in that system plexing.

We moved ships, put up POS’s, got links set up, and invited our BFFs, Fire fOr Effect, to go with us, .

My hope was to take at least one system so that the Minmatar would have to split up, I wanted to take the heat off of Sahtogas as much as possible.

Taking that first system went rather well because the Minmatar hadn’t even noticed we were gone yet.

Meanwhile, our other BFFs, Fweddit, decided they didn’t want the Minmatar to get that medal either. They started a plexing campaign, splitting up the Minmater even more.  FHP and his guys were able to hold Sahtogas.

Since then, more systems have fallen. We pushed the Minmatar out of Tier Four down to Tier Two.

It’s been a constant battle of wills. Keeping the systems we’ve taken offensively plexed down while striking out for more. During those first few days of our deployment I was so OCD about taking our target systems that I would actually mail the corp while at work via EVE Gate just to get an update on how much we gained or lost!

A bit obsessive perhaps but it worked out. We are at Tier Two now, at least, and…the Minmatar still don’t have that goddamned medal. 🙂


Thanks to all the Amarr Militia pilots who have gotten out there and fought for your Faction.  You are awesome!


8 Responses to “War Zone Diaries- The Empire Strikes Back!”

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize it was that close. I may have to switch over to our Minmatar brothers to get a matching medal!

    • Oshun Stranje Says:

      I just might join you. I joined Fweddit just in time to miss out on the Gallente victory.

  2. Fuck the medal, I’m minmatar FW and I’m glad you’ve made it interesting again. Maybe the russian plexers will leave if you keep putting up a good fight.

    • Silence ikillyouu Says:

      leave your name don’t be shy little man.

      I too and most my alliance well the pvpers would be happy that amarr war machine is starting up again.

  3. It’s really great what you guys have managed and as a Min FW pilot who moved his whole corp to Cal/Gal space for fights when the Amarr got down too low, I’m sorry I missed it, but this particular thing gets a little tired:

    1. We are so outnumbered in fights.

    2. Minmatar is nothing but Russians who only plex, warp-core-stab their ships, never want to fight, and hide in POSs.

    If 1 is true, then 2 is not true. If 2 is true, then 1 is not relevant. Amarr sound more than a bit like they’re whining about not having the cake they’ve already eaten.

    • The 3 days amarr held but 1 system (Sahtogas), minmatar militia had over 6400 pilots, amarr had just under 3600.

      Just after we moved North and took Arnstur, I could log in on my days off and see 3-4 wt’s in system plexig. I could run into any plex and they would leave system for a few minutes, then return. Never engaging me. In the US tz, we plexed the systems back down. This happened not just with me, but happens all over the warzone. I am just giving my personal example. This is evidence to #2.

      The first week we held Arnstur, minmatar groups would come up and engage us. It was fun. Numbers were about equal. After we captured a 2nd system (Brin), they quit coming. We would on some nights go roaming, and the only wt’s that would engage us were shipped up to larger ships and/or had at least a 3 to 1 numbers advantage. So yes, we were more often than not, outnumbered in fights. But not always.

      The past 2 weeks we have only really had fights from PL and one of their alt corps. The minny’s abandoned the area for the most part. I also see that now the militia numbers are just over 3800 for amarr (+200) and over 5700 for minny’s (-700). This is in the 3 and a half weeks since we took Arnstur, and the militia began taking 2-3 systems a day on average (6 yesterday, and 5 the day before as of the time I type this).

  4. Ty, you misread what I said. I said we were outnumbered, which is true, look at the militia pilot counts. I never said we were outnumbered in FIGHTS, because the Russians rarely fought us. The Russians are the ones who were warp-core-stabbing their ships, not the whole of the Minmatar. The occupancy was being won by people who did not fight, by the farmers, not the pvpers.

  5. Silence Says:

    CCP has said there will be no more medals handed out.
    Even if the minnies did take saghtogas there would only be tears and threadnoughts.

    That was a good move u pulled shalee. Not only did u stop minnies from taking all systems but u broke them too. U know how it is when players try so hard for something then to see there is no hope.

    Plus PL moving in didnt help lol

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