Five Things Friday: 5 More Things I’d Change About FW

5 things friday


1. Leeching

LP leeching is a huge annoyance in FW. I’ll explain how it works. In Faction Warfare, militia’s take control over their space by scanning down military complexes (we call them plexes for short). They come in four sizes: novice, small, medium, and a large. Each size has a specific amount of time it takes to run it. Novice will take you ten minutes, small is fifteen minutes, the medium is twenty, and the large is twenty-five. If you successfully run down the timer, you are then awarded LP for your faction.

Whoever is on the timer when it hits zero gains LP no matter how long you’ve been in the complex. So if I run a timer down for twenty-five minutes and a day old alt of someone warps in at the last minute, the LP is split between the two of us. Basically one person can do all the work, some scrub can warp in at the last moment and take half the reward!

I think plexing LP rewards should match the time spent inside the complex itself. That is only fair.

2. Missions

FW missions were put into place a few years before FW gained LP for capturing complexes and for kills. From my understanding they were given to us so that we would have a way to make a reasonable amount of ISK to fund our PVP.

But since the Inferno changes, LP is granted in other ways so missions aren’t really needed.

We have pilots who are in the militias that contribute nothing to the war front, all they do is farm missions, get massive amounts of LP, then water down the market on faction items.

This wouldn’t be quite so bad, but now that FW occupancy is in Tiers, and each Tier grants you more LP, the mission farmers bask in the rewards of those who actually have to push their faction’s Tiers up by running the complexes. Again, one group does all the work, another does nothing but leech off everyone else’s hard work.

If I had my way about it I’d ditch FW missions all together, but I know that isn’t likely to happen, so I would like to propose these changes:

-Missions become comparable for each faction. Minmatar missions can be solo’ed in a stealth bomber. Amarr’s missions are much harder and you need something like a tengu to be cloaky. So, balance those rats!

-Have it so that missions cannot be picked up unless the pilot has also ran X amount of complexes. Even if it is one for one. Run one complex, unlock one mission. I think the farmers should have to risk something for the war and contribute someway or other.

3. Security

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the new upcoming changes with the tags-for-security, I think that is going to be so awesome. It’s going to bring a lot of people out to low sec and into the belts ratting.

But what I wish is that if a militia pilot aggresses/kills someone in one of their war zone systems then that pilot would take no sec loss for it.

Imagine this scenario. You’re in a complex doing your duty as a militia pilot (ahem!) and you hit d-scan, you see that something is on your accel gate and you reason it is about to warp in on you. You have the advantage, you’re inside, you know where they are going to land. It only makes sense to engage first, to web & scram before they get a chance to pull range- or do whatever dastardly things they were going to do! And yet, by Concord, you get punished for defending your site!

So yeah, I think it’s a bit strange that an Amarr Militia pilot cannot actually go to Amarr itself because Concord slapped their wrist with sec status hits for …defending Amarr.

4. Face

Okay look. If you go into character creation to create an Amarr male, you’re not going to get a face that looks under fifty. Why do Amarr men have to look so wrinkly and old, seriously!?

How does this tie into FW? Well think about it. A new player goes to make a character. Oh look, they can make a hot Caldari or sexy Gallente…or a prune Amarrian. I would wager most people do not choose to make Amarr men.

And once they choose another faction, well they get attached to that faction and end up joining that faction’s militia if they choose to do the whole militia thing.

So I think Amarr character creation could use a bit of work. The public demands hot Amarrian men!!

5. Terrorists

Whatever faction you’re fighting against, lore propaganda will tell you that they are terrorists. The Minmatar are all ‘rawr we come for our people you are evil slavers’ and the Amarr are all, ‘whatever, you’re savages that need guidance and God’ (by whatever means necessary ahem).

So I think that the NPC Navy Commanders should issue a Terrorists List weekly for their faction. It would include twenty pilots, top ten killers and ten pilots with the most LP for that week. A special faction bounty would be issued for the these pilots and would be updated weekly. The faction bounty would co-exist with the current bounty system, however only enemy militia pilots could receive the rewards.



3 Responses to “Five Things Friday: 5 More Things I’d Change About FW”

  1. kalaratiri Says:

    Hot Amarrian men? Aldrith Shutaq. Mrroww

  2. cody magby Says:

    Excellent changes that could be made. On point one though I do not really have a problem. It seems to kind of fit the game in that your always getting screwed over by others in the game. I think it is nice to warp into a large and there be only 1 minute left on the timer on a plex that is going to pay big.

    As for the other points I really agree with!

  3. […] -Get rid of plex leeching, ditch FW missions, allow pilots to take no sec hit inside a plex, and create a terrorist board. -here- […]

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