Interview: Gritz1, Minmatar Bada$$


How long have you been playing EVE? How much of that time has been within Minmatar Militia? Have you flown for any other faction?

Since November of 2010. I saw the game on a steam sale for 1.99 and I could not let that one go, so I picked it up. I started playing with a few friends who played TF2, and they had previously been in faction war and quickly got me into it. I’ve always been on the Minnies side of things.

What other things in EVE have you tried besides Militia?

When I first started, I mined. Didn’t we all? It was horrible… Eventually I joined another mining corp to help with a war dec which was my first taste of PVP. Currently to keep myself entertained with FW, I tend to explore wormholes, follow WH chains to null sec and explore every corner of the universe. I actually started a blog to document my trips!

Discuss some of your most memorable moments with Militia.

When I first started, we would have constant battleship fights. It was amazing. Rarely it would escalate to a carrier, or a dread or two. And it was always exciting. Usually no logistics were involved so it became just a slug fest. It was a ton of fun.

Occasionally, a mutual foe would enter our war zone and we would team up with the Amarr folks. Those are by far my favorite times. We have taken on various pirates, and have killed quite a few things – a PL thanatos and a PL Rorqual stick out in my mind. Even though we are usually fighting each other tooth and nail, there is a bit of a respect for the folks that have been around the war zone for so long, and its great flying with them. (We need to go on more 0.0 roams together hint hint.)

Why do you think other players should try FW if they have not?

FW is just a great place to learn PVP. Yes, blobs happen. Blobs happen everywhere. But you will learn the best small gang PVP in the game. Null sec FC’s do some amazing stuff with their large fleets, and their are tactics that we never get to use here, however I know for sure that put us toe to toe with other groups, and FW pilots will always do great. You can not learn PVP like this anywhere else.

From your perspective, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the Minmatar?

The minnies have this amazing ability to fight with each other constantly, war decs, and what not, but at the same time we can come together with a snap of the fingers. We do work well with each other, when we are not at each others throats. Our weaknesses? Hard to put a finger on. We have owned so many systems and have been spread out for so long, it becomes harder to consolidate. Everyone loves their home system, and no one ever wants to move. With the loss of one of a major alliances home system, a lot of people realized that we need to think better strategically speaking with bases, which we have done a great deal table topping what we should be doing.

What would you like to see done differently both for FW and for low sec?

For FW – I don’t know what needs to be done. Something new needs to happen. Plexes are driving everyone nuts I think. For low sec in general, I think something more needs to be added. More mission agents that give more prizes and LP… More valuable ores.. Something more to draw even more people into these areas.

How important is plexing and Sovereignty to you personally and to your corporation?

I personally hate plexing. If I need to do it to defend a home system, or help take one, so be it. But you will not really find me doing one willing in my free time. Our corporation and alliance realizes we need to plex to protect our home, and it gets done.

Discuss the Amarr Militia from your perspective. Who do you admire the most? Who do you enjoy blowing up the most?

The Amarr in my opinion have incredibly short memories and/or attention spans. I keep hearing “We have kicked the minnies away, they wont fight anymore.” The Minmatar have taken almost the entire war zone many times. It seems to swing back and forth every few weeks/months. The folks who are in it for the long haul know that, and the new comers seem to not realize it. I would like to say I admire the friendly folk on the Amarr side, A bunch from your corp. We can trash talk all day and at the same time shoot the you know what in other channels. I have gone on a few roams with you guys and have really enjoyed it. Who do I enjoy blowing up the most? A rather large corp recently left the war zone thatn I enjoyed blowing up, even if it always was just badly fit destroyers 🙂

What’s the one thing that frustrates you most about FW?

Cloaky. Stabbed. Plex runners.

How does one get invited into IFW?

One does not simply get invited into IFW. The majority of the members have been flying together since the beginning, and you need to be vouched by one of them. Otherwise you are a RL friend of someone.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about IFW?

IFW are a good bunch of friends. The players here have a lot of connections with other entities, and its always nice to have a few friends around eve. No one is stingy with their wallets and are always willing to help each other with paying for ships and what not. They are a great bunch of people to fly with and I am pretty sure I am stuck with them until tranquility shuts down.

What is your most embarrassing killmail/story.

Oh there are too many to count. This one time, I tried to bait PL… Yeah that did not go well haha. What I learned – even when you think you have all your ducks in a row, someone is always a step ahead of you when it comes to the big boys like that haha.

What do you like to fly the most and why?

The farthest RP thing I will go is I was born Gallente, and I tend to fly all Gallente ships. Really enjoy flying them. I’ve finally started training specializations everywhere just so I can be of utility, but for the longest time I flew with gimped blasters and sloooow gallente boats with ADD drones.

Link to any blogs, killboards, or videos you’d like to share.

 I love his site, and it inspired me to do something similar in my own blog. Check it out!


Pirate corp or Alliance – Bombers Bar/Renegade Alliance. I’ve had a great ton of fun with them, covops ships are great.

Ways to make isk: Exploration and wormhole sites. I make a TON of isk and I can play the game for free, and have fun ships. Win/win.

Ammo: Void L 🙂

Ship: My go to ship has always been a Vexor. Its a workhorse, that is for sure.

Corpse: Bahamut420.

Drink – I have this thing called a bobble.. basically a water bottle with a filter on it. I drink an incredible amount of water while I play Eve… hence the constant bio breaks.

Food – I’m trying to get in shape for an upcoming job, so I have been trying to not eat while at the game. But if I do, microwave popcorn all the way.

Song – I still fly with with in game sounds and music. Yes, I am crazy. But it is oddly soothing. Otherwise I fire up Pandora with a station by Tool/A perfect circle or Led Zeppelin.

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  1. Thank you Shalee for the opportunity to be interviewed! See you around the war zone. 🙂

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