Five Things Friday: 5 other cool sites!

5 things friday
1. Raphael Saint’s Dust & FW blog
Raphael, a fellow corpie, plays both EVE and Dust and writes about it.  Very good reading, especially if you want to learn more about Dust.
2.  Katerina Tzestu’s RP blog.
Katerina is my fellow corpie who I conned into roleplaying with me!  She is all kinds of awesome.  Read her blog!  Also, if you wish to chat with Kat join our public channel, ‘In Exile. Public’.
3.  Vonlin’s youtube gaming channel.
In case you didn’t know, Vonlin is the guy who brought me to EVE!  He is a gamer guy who plays all the things and now he does videos about some of them.  He and I will be doing a video soon, I’ll link as soon as it’s up!
4.  EVE tools. org
I’ve just discovered this site during one of those exhausting hours in the middle of the night where you want to log off but you don’t…but you don’t do anything in game either.  And so you think what better time to blow through your newly earned FW ISK than by blinking at SOMERBlink.  Well, someone from this site got our names off of Blink (Carlais and I were gambling!) and sent us a mail.  I have to admit it’s super fun.  They have scratch off cards, blinks, and slot machines.  Carlais won a tengu starting out.  I won 50mil on a scratch off card…which I blew through on the slot machines.  So much fun!
5.  Durr’s Blog about things and stuff
He is a fellow corpie who knows math.  Like hardcore math.  He does spreadsheets.
And a special note:
Mazer’s FW tournament.
“I’m going to be hosting/running an inter-militia tournament in the next few weeks with some nice prizes (1 bil ISK, Navy faction ships). I’d like to bring as many pilots as possible from all 4 factions together for some friendly competition. Its basically going to be a bracket where it will be the participant’s responsibility to get in touch with each other and carry out the match on their own time and location.”  – from a mail from Mazer, so contact him if you’re interested!!

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