Tweak my FW please.

Like many other FW pilots, I also wish that CCP would give a glance to FW once more and tweak a few things.

The timer roll back suggestion would be a great one to start with. CCP should definitively have a look at that one, it’s a really great idea.

There are a couple of other things I’d suggest as well:

1. Downtime ‘plexing’

Pre-inferno, FW ‘plexes’ (plexes are military complexes in the war zone that can be ‘ran’ by being within a certain range of the ‘timer’ for a certain amount of time depending upon the size of the plex) were spawned predominantly after downtime. A star system could have anywhere from two or three and upward to fifteen or more spawned at one time. So whoever played after downtime got the jump on system control long before anyone in the opposite time zone has even awoken.

We complained to CCP and they listened. They made it so that certain types of plexes will spawn every half hour after they have been closed thru out the entire day. That made a huge difference, giving players in all time zones a chance to plex and help their militia’s obtain certain goals.

However, there is still quite a chunk of random plexes still being spawned right after downtime, which means whoever is on at that hour still gets the advantage, merely because of their time zone.

I think it would be a little more fair to get rid of the random spawned plexes at downtime, or have it so that more random plexes spawn throughout the day instead of just the ones every half hour after closing.

2. Shoot the compound

Okay, so anyone who has ever plexed in FW can testify how frightfully dull plexing can be 90% of the time. Most plexers will tell you that they are doing other things while ‘orbiting the button’, but I think that defeats the whole purpose of playing a game. I mean, if I’m playing a game but I have to be entertained by some outside source because the game I am playing is so fucking dull, then…..why am I doing this again?

If you’re out in the backwater systems (and honestly, 90% of FW is backwater), then you’re not likely to see any pvp action. So you’re just sitting there, being bored for X amount of time waiting for the timer to tick down.

Mind you, these plexes have to be run for overall system control, so that you make more LP, but it’s just…ugh. A lot of FW pilots loathe plexing for this reason.

So I think something should be done to make it remotely more interesting than watching paint dry.

Possible ideas to make it a little more entertaining:

* Add something of value to the plex that someone other than an FW pilot would be interested in. This could be in the form of rats, tags, ore, or candy. Whatever, just something that some other person would be like ‘hey I’m going in there!’ That would bring more people into low sec in general. If they ventured into the FW plexes that would give militia something else to shoot.

* Kill the timer itself. Earlier I mentioned you have to be in range of the ‘timer’ which is a little structure usually called things like ‘compounds’, ‘outposts’ and ‘stronghold’.

From an RP stance, this whole process makes no sense at all. (yes I’m a role player, deal with it) So you got these enemy out posts, some official evil Minmatar putting up a base in our system. All we have to do is find it, kill the one rat that will spawn (I imagine this poor rat to be some brave pilot who is there to defend his little station above all else!). You kill the rat, then….stare intently at the timer.

…watch the seconds tick by.

And wait some more….

Okay you’re done staring.

And THAT is what CAPTURES the site?

There should be shooting involved, I think. You should be required to rip that outpost to shreds.

Think about it. Can you just go sit by anything else in EVE for a certain amount of time and declare it yours by looking at it? Even miners have to shoot at the rocks.

So I think after you run the timer down there should be some sort of explosions involved, just saying.

3. Accelerate the timer. What if we could do something to shave off a couple of minutes off the timer? I know this is a little bit far-fetched, but what if there was some new fangled hacking skill that allowed a pilot to manipulate the timer to decrease a few minutes from it. Not a lot, but like, a medium plex takes twenty minutes to run. What if you had the hacking skill that allowed you to shave off three minutes? Or something along those lines.

Those are just a couple of changes I think could make plexing much more interesting. Okay well not interesting, but tolerable? lol.

Also, theres a couple of ideas from Susan Black’s blog that I really love, especially this bit:

“Warzone Control should be about much more than just making ISK. It should impact….well….the control a militia has of the warzone. (lol)”
“First, what about tying station lockout with warzone control? Perhaps, by degrees instead of an on/off switch. For example, at Warzone Control 4 & 5, it would be the same as now –hostiles would be completely locked out. At Warzone Control 3, hostiles could dock, and perhaps use fitting services, but not much more. At WC 2, hostiles could also use medical and repair services. At WC 1, hostiles would have unrestricted access.”
“In other words, there would be a strategic benefit to gaining higher warzone control levels beyond making more LP.”

Yes, yes, yes, and more yes. That is a superb idea. There absolutely should be more to warzone control than LP and I really love the idea of various docking consequences for various levels.


9 Responses to “Tweak my FW please.”

  1. I really like the idea of hacking (or some other mini-game) to speed up the plex. It gives you something to do, which makes the time spent staring at the timer less. It lessens the timer by a minute or two (or perhaps 10-20% so as to not make novice plexes THAT much easier to run than say, mediums), which once again lowers the time spent staring at the timer. And potentially, it can add a dimension of skill (perhaps not all of the mini games are equally easy, or repetitive as say, missions). I like the idea.

    As for #1, people who log in right after downtime have ALWAYS had a big advantage for respawns, but that’s only because CCP doesn’t care about the US enough to change it.

    • Yes hacking is so much fun, after you do it for the 30th time. You will come to absolutely hate it. If you want to try hacking do some exploration.

      • cearain Says:

        Yeah I am not interested in mini games in fw any more than mini games in incarna.

        If you want fw plexing to be exciting I think it should involve pvp.

        1) timer rollbacks
        2) give militias realtime intel of when plexes are being taken.

        = fw sov is pvp and fun.

        Boosting the importance of tiers won’t make rabbit plexing any less prevelant. As long as plexing is best done by alts running from all pvp, fw will remain broken. Adding/removing benefits to tiers won’t change that.

  2. Bad Pinup Says:

    The hacking idea is interesting. It could also draw more adventurous PvP-Explorers into lowsec. Maybe the reward could not only be less timer, but faction items or other rewards by chance.

    Once I thought if it would make sense to decrease the timer faster the more ships you bring but I guess that would make it too Blitz-like, winning/loosing systems too fast.

    Regarding the Station Services, I miss the Story/lore/RP this is based on. What is the reason behind the fact that a Minmatar Station let me dock as Amarrian militia Pilot? Is it that there are still Amarrians onboard the Station, keeping some Services secretely running for their faction´s pilots, hidden somewhere in the Station or still Holding out in sections of the Station, with fights currently ongoing?

    • Bad Pinup Says:

      Maybe stations could be independently conquered. Boarding parties of Dust mercs vs. defense parties of Dust mercs fight for the control of services and finally docking control.

  3. Kingmaker Says:

    The point of the plex timers is to force you to be in space for a certain amount of time, so allowing people to speed them up would rather defeat the purpose.

    I’m also not really sold on changing the docking rules, unless you were to (maybe) do something like go back to “anyone can dock anywhere”. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from an RP perspective and it would force all the militia corps to base out of an even smaller number of systems than they already do.

  4. before anything else in my priority list would be some form of “timer reset”. If you can’t hold the line and stay in the plex you can’t defensively or offensively contribute to sov. Makes sense and every other game i know which has some form of time based capture the flag has it too.

    current FW: imagine it is war and everybody cloakes

  5. I love the idea of firing upon compounds! I’m not sure how I feel about the hacking. It’s a fun idea, but shortening the amount of time a plex is open reduces the chances of someone being able to come in and contest you. Plexing should be based on combat and PVP, not how many you can close in the shortest amount of time. I also hate the idea of having to fit a PVE module on my PVP ships. How about instead of a PVE mechanic, you would receive a bonus time reduction for every enemy player killed inside the PLEX? It could scale with the size of the ship, much like the bonus LP we receive when killing FW targets. I will say there needs to be something done about the monotony of plexing when nobody is coming in to fight. Watching that timer slowly tick down with nothing to do is painful.

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