Why I Love Recruitment

From: Gullath Nabali
Sent: 2013.08.09 19:20
To:  Shalee Lianne
Neherus claims we should respond, that we accept the rules.  So ok, I accept them, and would like to join the Corp with my free will. (hoping I do not need to sign in blood, I really do not like needles).


Re: FW: Corp info
From: Shalee Lianne
Sent: 2013.08.09 19:37
To: Gullath Nabali,

We don’t use needles.  You can cut your hand with a knife and press it against the monitor while repeating these words : I pledge my allegiance to the Amarr Militia and to Shalee Lianne, I blood swear to honor the values of the corporation and will give my all to love, protect, and glorify both Shalee Lianne and the Amarr Militia.  I will show no fear and will destroy my enemies for the glory of Amarr!  This I vow.

Or, you know, you can just apply to corp.  🙂

Re: Re: FW: Corp info
From: Gullath Nabali
Sent: 2013.08.09 19:43
To: Shalee Lianne

Well, I did as instructed, and something strange happened.

My wife, hearing the words, that I give all my love and will protect and glorify Shalee Lianne turned red (so obviously she was hidden enemy) and after that I just had to kill her.

Then I used google and found out how to apply to corp (as Netherus is playing some strange game called “real life” and claims to be in bar with some other people), so I did that as well.

I think I will read more about the factions and start roleplay… 🙂

Re: Re: FW: Corp info
From: Shalee Lianne
Sent: 2013.08.09 19:55
To: Gullath Nabali,

We are off to a great start, you and I.  Sorry to hear that your wife was a Minmatar, God rest her soul.  But these things happen, this is why you should be ever vigilant!

lol, I will accept your application when I log on tonight!

Re: Re: Re: FW: Corp info
From: Gullath Nabali
Sent: 2013.08.09 20:03
To: Shalee Lianne,

Actually it surprised me. All the time I knew her I thought she was Amarr. She even killed other Minmatar on sight when we were shopping or just outside our station. Looks like they are able to create some mind conditioning, pushing all Minmatar life back and pretend to be one of us.

BTW, I am really interested how can a noob of my level be helpful to a corp, but looking forward to find out 🙂

Re: Re: Re: FW: Corp info
From: Shalee Lianne
Sent: 2013.08.09 21:10
To: Gullath Nabali,

A double agent Minmatar?!  Oh my, she must have been a spy!  As you will learn, spies are everywhere in Militia.  No doubt she was implanted into your life to distract you from your one true destiny!  The Minmatar will obviously stop at nothing to sabotage the Amarr.

As for being a noob, anyone can contribute to the corp and pvp, even a new player.  We do a thing in Militia called ‘plexing’ which means you will go out into the warzone (we will have a map on the forums that will show you which systems are within the warzone) and run your onboard scanner to find sites called things like ‘amarr compound’.  These sites need to be ‘ran’ which mean you stay within the range of the timer to count it down.  Hopefully the Minmatar will come and try to stop you so that you can get a fight!  But if they don’t you still do good by finishing the plex.  You will be rewarded a bit of LP which you can use to buy things at the LP store.  There will be a plexing guide on our forums to explain it all.

Also, newer players can focus on things like learning to tackle, which means warp disrupting/scrambling the enemy while others kill it.

The main thing is to have fun with your friends.  PVP can be exhilarating when you first start out, pilots often get ‘the shakes’- you’ll know what that means when it happens.  Your heart will race and you’ll get that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling.  Be prepared to die, and die often.  Never fly what you can’t afford to lose, or what you can’t fit properly.  It’s worth staying in frigates until you can fit a destroyer the right way, etc etc.

Anyhow I hope you’ll enjoy the corp and FW!



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  1. Haha so cute when there newborns

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