A Day In The Space Life of Shalee

One of my corpmates, a marine in real life, I think, has just returned to EVE after being away for a few months doing important military things.

After being on half an hour or so, he said something like “I’m already bored”.

That got me musing on how differently people can play the game, and how each person’s game time is vastly unique, even if they are in the same corporation.

I’m never bored on EVE, there is always something to be done. A typical night for me involves:

1. Running logistics. I do the majority of logistics for my alliance, so if I’m on my main account odds are I have the alt account open too, trucking the space lanes hauling stuff around. For some bizarre reason I actually enjoy this. It’s a chore but also a challenge figuring out what ship to take: the jump freighter, regular freighter, or small industrial ship. Who is going to cyno me home, who can web me, etc. I like for my guys to get what they need.

2. Recruitment. I do the majority of this for my corp as well, though I’m training up an officer to help out. But it is time involving, making sure this app is posted, that app has a response. Has the API been checked. And so on, and so on.

3. Mail. So many mails lol. Recruitment mails, alliance mails, militia mails, logi mails, rp mails, and just saying hi! mails. It’s a lot to respond to.

4. Convos! I’m writing this at work, but if I were at home I’d log on and take a screen shot of my EVE. Half my screen is filled chatboxes. When I fly, I rarely see space at all, just a sliver of stars in between the various boxes. I have the typical set of channels: Alliance, Corp, Militia, and about 10 other channels related to the war. Other channels include several personal channels with people and some rp channels. Always someone to talk to and something to read. Oh, and the occasional convo from the dirty Minmatar flirting with me. (you know who you are Sneaky Noob!)

5. Twittering. I blame my space frienemy, Susan Black, got me started on my twitter addiction. It’s fun to know what the Minmatar are up to four jumps away. Sure, I could undock and go see, but ::effort::

6. Reading blogs. So if you are checking Twitter, the #tweetfleet is constantly pimping out their blogs to read. Thank the EVE gods for ingame browsers!

7. Roleplay! My space-name is Shalee Lianne and I am a roleplayer. 90% of you think that rp is geeky or dumb, and that’s okay, I still love it very much!  It makes the game so much more interesting for me.

8. Gambling. SomerBlink is like a drug. One more hit! One more and I’m quitting (I never do). Also I have fun on the slot machines on this website. And! EOH Poker is fun too.

9. Voice comms. There’s always someone dragging me onto comms to talk, even when there isn’t a fleet up.

10. Faction War! So once I get through with all of the above, there is always militia stuff to do. I can plex, fleet, roam, or camp.

So yeah.  Bored?  Never… lol



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