Pew! Not Plex

For those of you keeping score, Sahtogas fell the other day and the Amarr currently own just a handful of systems. We have lost ground all across the war-zone and the Minmatar alliance, Biohazard, is pushing hard to claim all the things.

Apparently they want that medal real bad.

And for once, I just can’t muster enough care to give a damn. It’s not that I don’t love militia or Amarr. It’s not that I don’t still enjoy EVE or my alliance.

It’s just that…I can’t bear the thought of forcing my guys to up and move to Gultratren (the ass-end of our war-zone) to set up a temporary base to start mind-numbing plexing fleets to claim the North again.

What’s the point, really. The last time the Minmatar pushed this hard, they took all the systems except one, which gave us enough time to go North and start a defensive push.

Sounds exciting, but in all honesty, it wasn’t. It was hour upon hour upon HOURS of circling buttons. We took our first two Northern systems before anyone realized what we were up to. We had no fights, just….days upon playing ‘ring around the beacon’.

Yes, we succeeded in what we were trying to do. We inspired Fweddit and others to push back and we got to Tier 4.

But at what cost? After exhausting my corp members and my lovely FC, Almity, we lost several members. People were just sick of it. Many people took breaks from the game and others just left FW all together. Corp activity dropped drastically and yes, I can blame some of it on ‘summertime’ but I think for the most part, it was pure exhaustion and being sick of FW. The game simply wasn’t fun.

The toll of pushing for the ‘riches’ of Tier 4 wasn’t worth the price we had to pay.

So now, here we are again with the Minmatar beating down the doors and everyone is asking ‘what are we going to do?’

And here is my answer. Nothing. We are going to do absolutely nothing about it. The measurement of success cannot be defined by what Tier a militia is in, aka who has the most LP farmers. If ‘Winmatar’ wants to plex, more power to you guys, have fun with that.

I have informed my guys that if they want to plex, that is great and they can, but leadership is not going to step in and run mind-numbing plexing fleets to ‘save’ anything, because honestly, there’s not a lot of point in it. Nothing belongs to anyone forever in FW because it is the nature of the mechanics. I’ve seen several systems bounce back and forth in occupancy like a pingpong ball.

So why should I once again ask my corp to spend ten plus hours plexing every night just so we can temporarily take a system. Its pointless.

Instead, we are going to focus on small gang pvp, you know, the fun stuff of militia. We live in a system just outside of FW for a reason. Almity is back, let the roaming fleets begin baby! I want my corp to enjoy their time on EVE, I want them to log on and go shoot something in the face. I want them to relax, not to be stressed the entire day long wondering if someone is undoing all their ‘hard work’ of plexing. Nope. Not anymore. If someone wants to sit on the Egghelende undock and have fun shooting anything that moves while chatting with EPA, why shouldn’t they be able to do that? Why should I have to force people fifteen jumps away to orbit beacons to ‘save’ Amarr, or beg Almity to run plexing fleets sixteen and seventeen hours a weekend. Nope, not going to happen anymore.

Oh, and if my guys ask how they can fund their pvp? Well…they can always make a Minmatar stabbed & cloaky alt, yeah? 🙂


One Response to “Pew! Not Plex”

  1. Bold Podiene Says:

    I know that you posted this back in August, but it’s a perpetually relevant topic. I’m still somewhat new to FW, have limited time to play Eve and focus on flying smaller, affordable ships. So for me, just going out and looking for fights in plexes generates enough ISK to replace my ships even in Tier One. I guess the issue gets more complicated as your time online and your ship size/cost grow.

    Thanks for your blog posts.

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