Making Content In FW

EVE has always been a game of no direction. Other MMOs start you out in a safe zone and gently usher you through levels, giving you rewards, loot, and achievements along the way. There is clearly an ending and a beginning.

In EVE, you are never safe, and there’s never really anything to accomplish unless you find something worthwhile that you want to do. There are countless directions you could go.

My direction has always been Factional Warfare. It gives you a taste of other parts of the game. You can PVP or you can mission. You can play the market or simply blow shit up. Pretty much, you can be the biggest carebear in all of EVE or the dirtiest of pirates. You can be noble and only shoot wartargets, or you can shoot anything that moves. Want to be a spy? We got those too. In FW, you can experience a lot.

Though FW is based on the idea that Amarr & Caldari shoot at the Minmatar & Gallente, what do you do when you simply cannot find any of those designated wartargets to shoot at?

You find someone else to blow up, of course. You make your own content. You don’t sit around and wait for the game to tell you what to do or where to do it. And that is exactly what we’ve been doing these last few weeks.

It started with a civil war within the Amarr Militia. Though old news by now, you can read about how it started here.

Our motivation had little to do with drama. Sure, tempers flared, but in the end, we wardecced for content. We wanted more people to shoot and more good fights.

After a few weeks we dropped the war and moved on to find someone else to trade blows with. A couple of our guys set up a semi-arranged fight with Brave Newbies Inc in Aulbres, Placid, which is about 19 jumps from our home system. It sounds far away (for us FW folk anyhow) but it isn’t too bad of a journey in shuttles. We jumped our ships down and handed them out.

The rules of engagement were pretty simple: We’d bring t1 frigs, no more than 70 in fleet, and would fight on a planet of their choice.

Other than that, it was down to business as usual.

In Exile and Fweddit have done this a couple of times now and it has been awesome! The first night I ended up doing frig logi, and I’ve never had quite a rush as I did trying to help keep everyone alive. Frigates are so fragile, it was such a challenge, but boy did it get the adrenaline rushing. It was exhilarating! However, I did end up losing my pod after getting off the field. I bounced to a gate and lagged out with a white screen of death. I just sat there watching helplessly through a translucent white screen as my pod ever-so-slowly died. I shrugged it off though, that pod lasted over two years.

In last night’s fight I got to fly dps (read, I whined to Almity til I got out of doing logi lol). The first go around I was in a merlin and we were tasked with getting the griffins off the field, and oh-my-god they had a heap of them. In round two I X’ed up for Rina’s new ‘super secret’ tristan doctrine. They worked out amazingly!

Our logi did a super job keeping everyone alive, we didn’t lose too many. I would assume the highlight for the BNI would be them probing down our boosting loki in a safe.

Good times all around, I think.

A battle report for last nights fight.

2 Responses to “Making Content In FW”

  1. That’s a lot of Griffin!

  2. chris downie Says:

    lol i hate fw. decided to do a cheap stores run at Jita in my navy megathron after being signed up a week or so. bad move for a gallente fwest (and my navy megathron….seriously i did, like duh(was an expensive lesson…u need to think i’m GONNA be a fwest, not i am going to try FW.)

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