Trolled by CCP

Huzzah! My blog is a featured fansite! How exciting! I received an email about it the other day and quickly dismissed it as being a troll. Seriously. It was from a name I didn’t recognize, and when I get fansite emails it’s from this other guy, so I’m like, mmm, something is fishy here. Ignore.

I half thought it was The Grinch trying to steal Christmas again. If you aren’t familiar with that story, do click the link. It’s pretty much a classic tale of EVE. I thought maybe that guy was trolling me somehow. I’ve been a little antsy this holiday season wondering if he has finally moved on, or if he is plotting another dastardly thing. The paranoia is strong in EVE Online!

But apparently the email was real and I’m FEATURED (and oh so flattered!). I wish I would have had more time to prepare, I would have wrote a little more, spruced the blog up or something. Added more pictures maybe?

It almost reminds me of that time I said in corp chat, “I’ve never won a promo!” while we were all playing SOMERBlink. Instantly, I won two in a row. I write an article, “I’ll never be EVE famous” and a week later my blog is chosen for the featured fansite! Heh.  Trolled by CCP in a good way, yeah? (I’ve never won the lottery!!!! Putting that out there, you know, just in case! haha)

I feel like I should be taking this opportunity to write about some awesome FW battle or something, but really it’s been kind of quiet on our war-front lately. Of course I blame the holidays and end of semester for school, etc. We have a couple of corpies headed out of town right now, and some others who are just finishing up exams, or graduating (congrats to FallenDream!!!). This always happens at the end of the year so I’m not really stressing it or anything. We will be back in the swing of things after the New Years.

While things have been quiet, a few of us have been binging on Minecraft. We do this every five or six months. We will start a new map and obsessively build for a few weeks. It’s fun, and keeps the corp active doing something together, even if it’s not EVE. We even have our space freniemy, Susan Black, playing with us. Token Minmatar, lol.

I think it’s kind of funny, even when we play Minecraft we always incorporate some element of EVE into it. On our last server, Daisha made a huge Amarr sign and we had a bridge of brah (it’s a Fweddit thing). On this server, Ryven has built the Cerra Manor (an EVE rp thing for us) along with an Amarrian shuttle sitting on the landing pad beside the Manor. Lols, it’s awesome.

My other corpie, Raphael (you guys might know him, he writes for The Mittani), has been playing XCOM and doing some videos for it. He named the characters after people in our corp and has some of us doing the commentary for them. Do check them out here! (I’ll be doing the next commentary!!!)

I’d like to thank CCP for the feature, I’m just so, so appreciative, and thanks to all my new readers, you guys are awesome!

Shalee Lianne

ps.  This FW site is amazing.

5 Responses to “Trolled by CCP”

  1. Congrats, not only did you make it to fansite but you also did to featured fansite at the launcher entry page! 😀
    Now you have to work on your “3 posts a month” to be awarded a special media account in EVE! 😀

  2. CCP Gargant Says:

    CCP Phantom is happy about being called “the other guy”! You hit the nail on the head there 😉

    I like that I gave little notice because it showcased the quality of your posts quite well; your blog in its natural state. Also, CCP troll best troll.

    Keep up the good work! o7

  3. I was wondering if i could learn faction warfare from you? If you want more of a story to go with things its more private but if you have room i would like to learn.

  4. Gratz m’lady! Haven’t been along for long but I’m already looking forward to your next post!

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