Not My Fault!

Since my last blog post, our little DayZ group has picked up a few more players. The game isn’t as scary when you’re in a group. It’s almost like being in a fleet in EVE, in that everyone can take on a specific role. We have snipers, scouts, and salvagers. We roam, and we camp. And we are always fearful of being blobbed & ganked.

Daisha, who started playing night before last, kicked around with us some while we camped a place and killed a couple of players. The following day, he logged on by himself, and texted me while at work, “playing DayZ is fucking terrifying if you’re alone.” Lol

I’ve been musing on how your personality from one game applies to another. For some, the way you play EVE is comparable to the way you play DayZ. Almity, my old FC, takes up an ‘FC’ role on DayZ. He leads us around and gives orders. Daisha, a risk taker in EVE, runs around without fear in a #YOLO kind of way.

I, on the other hand, am much more aggressive in DayZ. Someone commented again on it last night, how I was much more brutal than on EVE, just because I wanted to try and capture someone with handcuffs and put a burlap sack over his head, drain his blood, take his supplies, then kill him. Not my fault I’d just found the burlap sack and wanted to try it out…lols.

Pro tip. Never try the handcuffs on your friend if you don’t have a key to unlock them. One can get stuck forever that way, and logging off doesn’t work, it just kills you. (thanks Almity)

Speaking of being killed by Almity, this is a funny story. So Almity, Tiger and I were skimming the treeline near the tracks when Tiger and I hear a gunshot whizzing right past us. That means a sniper is trying to gun you down, usually. We take off sprinting, but they get ahead of me and go into this fenced in area with a shed to take cover. They entered into the fenced area from the backside. I lost them for a minute, find the fence and follow it to the opposite end looking for the opening. Almity assumes I’ll be coming from the back like they did, but I run up to them on the opposite side. (Can you guess what happens next?) Almity assumes I’m the sniper and guns me down. Hahahaha.

I guess he’s more of a shoot now and ask questions later kind of guy, heh.

Since playing this new game, I’ve seriously been giving thought to how I can play EVE. When I first started EVE, I was thrown right into FW, so I’ve always been a pvper, but I had clear rules on whom I would and would not shoot. In the beginning, I was pretty ‘noble’ in that, I’d only shoot war targets. I’d figured that they joined militia for pvp, so why not. I’d never shoot a neutral.

until, a couple of years into the game. I started flying with more piratey kinds of pilots, ones that wanted to shoot anything that moved. My stance shifted to something like, ‘well, if they are in low sec in war ships, means they want to fight’.

Then, it slowly started creeping towards a piratey way of thinking, ‘not my fault that hauler/mining ship/whatever dumbed into low sec, they deserve to die, they know the risks coming here!’

But now, NOW, I’m thinking I could easily see myself doing highsec, suicide mining ganks! ( a couple of my corpies do this when there’s nothing else around to shoot) Now my thoughts are like, ‘EVE’s a dark game, oh well.’

So yeah. It’s funny to think how I have changed so drastically. At one point on EVE, I station camped a station camper to protect those who were trying to dock. Now, I’m the evil one doing the camping.

I hope that somewhere in the world; Lukka is proud.




5 Responses to “Not My Fault!”

  1. It’s a fun game? Sounds like it.

  2. It is so much fun. You’re welcome to play with us! We play on the Fweddit server, lols

  3. I played this exactly one time. I should play it more, I just don’t have the group to play with since the friends I bought it for never log in either. I do love Bohemia Interactive though…

  4. Oh jeez, I feel like everyone is playing DayZ now. As for the attitude in EVE, I wholeheartedly feel the same way. I started off as a carebear, and felt like low-sec was nothing but a giant Mos Eisley of scum and villainy. Then I join FW, wanting to be this noble guy, never attacking neutrals, and only shooting pirates if they engage first. It’s devolved to the corp being NBSI and me not giving pirates the chance to shoot first, or neutrals for that matter. Lately I found myself in the Belligerent Undesirables channel having a secret longing for suicide ganking. Probably because people in my corp have been on the receiving end pretty often lately.

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