I Really Need A Magic Space Wand, CCP♥

I was reading Kirith Kodachi’s, ‘Faction Warfare Wishlist‘ on EVE News 24, and it got me musing on my own wishlist. I had intended to write out a huge list of things, but I realized that I already have in the past. Many, many posts devoted to what I’d do with FW if CCP gave me a magic space wand.  I’ll highlight a few ideas here I’ve already posted with clickable links to the posts.

-Allow faction standings to be bought like you can buy sec status. -here-

-Ditch the Tier’ed system for a whole militia and make it for individuals. -here-

-Make plexing itself more interesting. -here-

-Get rid of plex leeching, ditch FW missions, allow pilots to take no sec hit inside a plex, and create a terrorist board. -here

-Get rid of forced ‘allies’ and create sectors. –here

-Allow corps to bribe stations for docking rights in enemy systems, add FW rats on stargates, and create militia NPC roaming fleets. -here-

And lastly, I’m adding this to my FW list:

Get rid of/change the militia channel.

From my experience, most people just blink it off. In theory, it is a good idea, but the fact that anyone can join militia, there’s so many spy alts that it makes the channel completely useless. I think it is misleading for new players who might join militia. “Oh, a whole channel of my allies!” Nope. It’s full of trolls, spies, and dumb.

What would be a better idea is just to have a corp channel for the NPC militia corps, if pilots just do not want to join a player corp.
If we must have a militia chat, then mute everyone in it, and have it have a huge MOTD with useful information in it. And perhaps, let militia corps pay X amount to have their corporation listed in the MOTD for recruitment purposes. Turn it into a true intel channel. Have automatic broadcasts where enemy plexes are being run, perhaps. On one hand, some might say that it’s a lazy way of getting intel. But on the other, it would keep the war-zone popping. It wouldn’t have to be specific, it could be something general like: ‘Arzad under attack’.

One of the biggest problems for the militias is the farmers who fly around in stabbed or unfit ships, run the complexes, and soak up LP for doing literally nothing except sitting there. They contribute nothing to their militias, yet are rewarded immensely. They find backwater systems that people aren’t paying attention to, because our war-zones are fairly large, it’s simply impossible to keep an eye on everything.

I think this one change could greatly benefit FW as a whole. It would help new players find a proper corp, cut down on ISK farmers, and encourage ton’s more movement across the war-zone. Also, it could improve the average FW player’s wallets by the simple fact that LP items would be worth more, instead of getting watered down by the farmers.


One Response to “I Really Need A Magic Space Wand, CCP♥”

  1. Joni Hariere Says:

    making tier just for individual maybe not good idea. Last meaning to fight together against enemy kinda disappears(i know farmers rule tiers) , but anyways.. my idea is to make your personal tier as multiplier to militia tier. So do Nothing for your militia and you get -50% from payout. At personal tier 5 there is no penalty.

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