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Why Tri?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on April 2, 2015 by shaleelianne

Three weeks ago I joined a null sec alliance, Triumvirate, on the invitation of the alliance executor, Garst Tyrell.

Garst and I go way back, to 2009. We both joined EVE roughly the same time, into a Factional Warfare corporation, PIE. I joined PIE as a ‘spy’ (read about it here) to help my friend out who convinced me to join EVE and spy for his new mercenary corp.

Though I didn’t have what it took to be a spy, I did fall in love with PIE, role playing, and Faction War. I eventually would leave PIE, but I stayed in the Amarr Militia for nearly six years.

Garst left within seven months to form his own corporation, No Mercy. to pirate and kill all the things. With finesse. Such finesse.

Along the way we lost touch, as these things go. Garst left EVE completely for his military career, though eventually came back recently. He reformed his old corporation, and after much thought and a heap of trepidation, I decided to join.

It was kismet, really. I was finally in a position to try something new. I know, I know, it took me long enough. Until I joined Tri, I have only ever done Amarr FW. I loved it, and still do, but towards the end it became such a chore. I was CEO and Alliance Executor of our alliance, but it just got to be so much of a hassle. I was logging into tedious amounts of work and dealing with everything that I did not want to do, so finally I just quit it, but stayed in militia.

…but it wasn’t the same.

I was logging on and spending massive amounts of time doing very little other than role playing. I was getting restless and wanted to murder things! Blood needed to be spilled, damn it!

And that is when Garst convoed me randomly.

It still took another couple of weeks for me to actually decide to join. I was hesitant to leave Militia; it had been home for so very long. It was a comfortable existence, and all of my friends were there, but, I finally gave in and decided to just try something new.

So, here we are, three weeks into my new alliance and I have to say, I am loving every minute of it. The alliance is super active and has some really amazing FCs. I was a bit weary of joining so many new people because of the ‘omg its a gurl’ factor, but so far, so good. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and nice, despite my many blunders. So. Many. Blunders.

I would have been so lost had it not been for some of my corpies, like Raphael Saint, Almity, and Bern Blackwood. Some of my ‘blonde’ moments include:

-FC says stay at range from titan. I’m desperately scrolling down my overview literally looking for the word titan, having meltdown. It had been years since I had titan jumped in FW. I freak out to Raph, and hes all, ‘scroll out. big ship.’ lols. Oh yeah.

-Sentry drones drama! Why do drones not return to me! ‘because they are sentries, Shalee, they don’t move.’ Oh, right. Giggle.

-Bubbles! If there is one thing that terrifies me the most it is bubbles. I’m better with them now but the first one I was caught in was a whole drama. What do I dooooooooo I’m scared, lol.

Otherwise, things are good. I’ve flown so many different ships than I had in FW. Back in FactionWar, military plexes decided the ship sizes and fleet comps, which usually ran from frigate size to cruiser hulls. And if we weren’t plexing and just roaming, we still kept it relatively small because we lived so close to PL that they would hotdrop any and all things for the lols.

But here, we fly so many blingy things, that nearly one month into corp I’m getting poor haha. It is nice though, to look at my hangar and not have half my ships named ‘ghetto’.

Another thing I love is seeing different parts of New Eden. All this time, and I had never been to Cloud Ring before. In FW, we tended to stay within our little warzone, which meant going farther than ten jumps was very far away lol. But now, joining fleet and setting destination to somewhere 20 jumps away isn’t uncommon. I have to soothe my inner FW girl by telling myself that it isn’t that far (it so is).

I know a lot of people have been shocked that the ‘die hard militia girl’ left for null, but I can say that it is the best decision I’ve made in EVE so far. Stay tuned for further updates about my noobiness in null!