Whats Going On In Tri…

My CEO wrote this and originally posted it on Failheap.


What a bloody evening

S2N undocked a rattlesnake fleet with 35 snakes/10 logi + 6 triage chimmys + dreads and support and destroyed the TRI IHUB in 8ke- while we prepared to fight them. Staging on a titan nearby, TRI bridged a 80 man T3 AHAC gang with 30 solar in supporting ishtars (they didnt have armor ships rdy) into 8ke at a ping over nulli, who were busy sitting on the station bubbling themselves waiting for the timer to become vulnerable 20 mins later. Warping down we began to burn into position get within scram range of the enemy fleet, under the unbonused tracking of the snake sentry drones.

Naturally 6 triage chimeras + 10 scimitars to rep 300k EHP rattlesnakes vs 500dps ahacs is a bit of a logi overblob, which is why we were pleasantly surprised to find Nulli had no answer when we were forced to drop 7 dreads and start burning carriers. They rushed 2 moros through a cyno to fight back, but these promptly died. With SOLAR sitting at range killing tackle and light support like S2N scimitars, TRI successfully cleared the field of all enemy caps for the loss of 3 dreads. We began to kill rattlesnakes with no logi support but a PL blob was reported 2j away, so both sides began to focus on disengaging. As TRI ahacs moved behind the station and slowed down PL with dictor bubbles, we lost scrams and many rattlesnakes MJD’d away and POS’d up. TRI docked right as PL came into local to kill a straggler from each side. This is the second time a PL third party has saved a S2N snake fleet from obliteration through unfortunate timing. GF.


After PL left TRI caught a few more rattlesnakes going home and we used our supers to clear the SBUs. TRI camped the LXQ -> paala chokepoint in T3s to prevent S2N from returning with their new ishtar fleet.

Nulli took the fight and jumped into us, losing the engagement.


Eventually TRI moved over to O-L in order to clear the S2N SBUs there with dreads, which we successfully accomplished without incident. Unfortunately Nulli reshipped ishtars, jumped on a titan in lxq, and bridged onto our cyno beacon where a triage pos repper and a reinforcement dread were moving without support. With no ability to leave our caps unsupported on the field, both caps died to Nulli.

After O-L TRI returned to 8ke to kill the new SBUs anchored by nulli during the previous fight, which resulted in two more fights with the nuli ishtar fleet returning from the cyno beacon gank. Both ended in decisive defeats for S2N. The system was saved and repped.

The war in etherium reach is violently contested on most timers between S2N and TRI, with occasional help from SOLAR and pretty much constant interference from PL who show up and help one side or the other (or neither) depending on the whims of the FC. Stainwagon got bored grinding POS and deployed to akora to shoot everyone, mainly Nulli. XIX is almost completely MIA leaving nulli to do all their pvp for them. I guess they are back to AFK RMT empiring while we are distracted. They usually do a weekend warrior cta fleet and leave us to clean up the timers over the week.

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