Interview: Ama Atavuli


How long have you been playing EVE? Is Ama your original toon?

I originally started in early 2012, then got bored, I came back in August and have been playing ever since.

Who do you most admire in EVE, and why?

Myself. Secondly, Agent, Civil, JB, and Bob, my co-directors, for being a lot more level headed than I.

What is the most appealing thing about EVE? Also, least appealing?

The Sandbox. Gitting gud, learning to play is really grueling filled embarrassing mistakes and noobiness.

Have you always flown in null sec, or have you tried other parts of the game? (if you’ve tried other parts, discuss that a bit)

I’ve been played for some time in all areas of space, primarily Null and Wormholes. They all have their ups and downs. Wormholes were fun for a while until they turned into ganking and calling friends for help. Now wormholes are filled with bads, thats why I left. You do learn a lot in wormholes though, and make good money. Lowsec was dumb. Hisec was okay for Incursions but overall boring.

How much of that time has been within Triumvirate? And, what other alliances have you been a part of? How do they differ from Tri?

RLLO 2.0 spent 2 months in Tri in late 2014 until leaving wanting more USTZ. We joined Black Legion where we stayed for 4 months. BL is a good capable of hitting way above it’s weight. However it is also led by strong personalities, and it attracts some personalities that are difficult to deal with (excluding Elo, hes an ass but an amazing FC so he can be an ass if he wants). I was in Diplomatic Immunity for a little over a month with RLLO 3.0, I actually was the reason their founder picked that name( I said it sounded cool). They had potential but due to conflicting personalities and leadership struggles RLLO left and came back to Tri, for the better, I might add.

I would say BL differs from Tri in a largely cultural sense, their skill levels being roughly the same. BL felt very clickish, the cool kids, the outcasts etc (guess who RLLO was). All alliances have that to some extent but BL nurtured that culture.

Diplomatic Immunity was very new, and had little time to develop its culture while we were there. Lots of new players.

Discuss some of your most memorable moments in the game so far.

The first BL fleet I ever fleet I went on. We bridged 150 tengus into YA0- and killed 150 baltecs with minimal losses. Didn’t know that was possible before. It demonstrated how proper fits, fleet composition and an FC that can identify and take advantage of an enemies mistake can dominate out numbered.

fights like this

How long have you been an FC? How did you get started FCing?

For most of my gametime. I actually started FCing in Sky Fighters, running assault frigate/interceptor fleets into nullsec, I moved up to Ishtars/T3s/Shield BCs at a certain point during my history with that corp. I have FC’d in every group I’ve played with.

What advice would you have for a new FC?

The hardest part is stepping up, either forming a fleet, or taking over. That really just comes down to self-confidence and experience, you need both, but you can overcome a lack of either, know that. Find a fleet comp you like, and learn it. Fit ships in EFT while theres nothing going on, fit every ship in the game. Get used to any fleet comp you might fight. Look at killboards from big fights, watch videos. Make sure your guys aren’t stepping on you. You are the FC, you own coms during your fleet, you own fleet chat, you own everyones ship during the fleet. If anyone disagrees they can leave, there is no arguement in this, nor should there be. Learn to be decisive, speak with confidence and control, and stick by your decision. Don’t let people bully you into a decision you aren’t comfortable with, but take the advice that experienced players and FCs can lend. I could go on for ages but I think these are some of the most important things new FCs trip up with.

What is your favorite fleet comp to FC?

A well structured frigate/nano gang. Gilas are also awesome at everything.

What are your initial thoughts on Entosis so far?

The idea is good, I do think it needs tweaking however. I think the module is too easy to fit with too few penalties. I like the basic mechanic.

Are you looking forward to ‘fozzi-sov’? How do you think it will impact the alliance?

I am very excited for it. I think Tri will be strong during fozzie sov, we will be at risk from larger entities no less than today though. We will need lots of FCs to capture all the plexes and what not, but it should be a lot of fun.

Tell us a bit about your corporation, and what Rolled Out looks for in a potential recruit.

RLLO has been around for a little less than a year, initially we were a spin off of another wormhole corp, but we fell apart when Agent and I left to go to null. We reformed RLLO after leaving another corp that we werent happy with. That lasted until 4 months into Black Legion when we all got burnt out. Most of us more or less stayed together until we decided to reform and rejoin Tri.

Mostly we just look for people who are cool to hang out with that are willing to learn about the game, and aren’t total bads. Obviously SP is desireable and we’ve turned many people down for having to little of it, but it’s not as important as many people think.

If someone wants to join your corp, what is the process?

Join our public channel and talk to me or another recruiter 😛

What is your most embarrassing killmail/story?

I think I was the first person in EVE to fall for the entosis bait. In my defense it was late and I was tired.

Please link any blogs, killboards, or videos that you’d like to share.

Everyone who wants to learn how to be a good tackle pilot should watch that.

EVE Related Celebrity: I like all the microgang guys and good AT Teams (Camel, Warlords, HYDRA when they were a thing)
Wartarget to shoot: They always dock…
Ways to make isk: Plex are my fav, but I sometimes rat
Ammo: Scorch
Ship: Confessor
Corpse: forget myfaces frozen corpse
Star System: Amarr is really nice (fuck Jita)
Drink: Quafe Zero
Food: Fedo
Song To Fly To: anything by the Black Keys (


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