Interview: AoTxLoGiX


How long have you been playing EVE? Is AoTxLogiX your original toon? Also, explain how you came up with the name AoTxLogiX.

Been playing since late 2010 and on and off since then, Logix is my original and currently only toon as I often don’t have time for training and buying alts when I can have other people like Rise do stuff for me. AoTx is actually the name of an old clan I was apart of before I joined EVE and was my Xbox and PS3 gamer-tag as such I just tend to transfer this name to most of my other games that I play.

Who do you most admire in EVE, and why? (can be people, corps, alliances, or devs)

Foremost I love the people in Eve without the people and the culture that has been created around EVE I would probably not play. Being able to just log on and talk to people from different countries and different parts of the world with completely different culture yet understand one another in terms of EVE is just awesome.

What is the most appealing thing about EVE? Also, least appealing?

Most appealing would be the pvp. Being able to form up with friends and getting a great fight outnumbered against others that believe they will dunk your smaller fleet has to be the most gratifying feeling this game can give you. As for least appealing aspect of EVE for me would have to be mining and general pve, its all the same grind and in almost every case its too safe and easy. Challenges are fun.

What other games do you play besides EVE?

I tend to play strategy games such as the Total War serious or Paradox Interactive games a lot. Some other games as well but at heart I tend to be centered around games that make me think about my future strategy to counter my enemy.

Have you always flown in null sec, or have you tried other parts of the game? (if you’ve tried other parts, discuss that a bit)

Within the last two years is when I started getting really into null sec, before that I did just about everything. I learned everything I could about the game in high-sec when I first began thanks to my first corp Reverberation Inc who have since died out. After them I started my own high sec pirate corp that was okay for what we did which was sitting in Amarr shooting people that we could easily gank.

I tried wormhole life for a few months with a small group of friends but learned that if you do not have a steady group of 10 or more to run sites and roam through the space the life gets boring. After that I joined Morior Invictus. who at the time were apart of The Retirement Club (401k) living in Venal along with BL at the time. Was my first time in a large null sec entity that fought in large fights and was the first time I ever truly had fun in this game. Never gets old seeing 30+ dreads in a fleet and sieging a whole system of poses in a few hours. After 401k died I joined N3 and after all that I find myself in TRI mark 4(?).

What are some of the benefits of living in null versus other sec’s of the game?

For one the pvp, its pretty much everywhere you look there is something to shoot be it structures or other players. The pve is good as well if that’s what you are into but overall null is all about the large conflicts among the many alliances. Getting into a fight involving over 2k characters in 10% tidi for countless hours can get pretty crazy.

How much of that time has been within Triumvirate? And, what other alliances have you been a part of? How do they differ from Tri?

I’ve been with TRI for about 4 months or so. I’ve also been apart of The Retirement Club, Spaceship Samurai, and The Kadeshi. The Retirement Club in general was a far larger alliance in terms of ability to throw capitals at a problem, could easily get 30+ dreads into a fleet with a fairly large super and titan fleet as well. Spaceship Samurai we joined just before the Halloween war mostly because my corp at the time had a titan and their entire alliance did not. Rather than join S2N we joined them to aid them but found them to be too noobie for our corp so we joined The Kadeshi who were quite similar to TRI at the time.

Discuss some of your most memorable moments in the game so far.

One of my most memorable moments in EVE and null sec in general was a fight for a station up north against the CFC during my time in 401k. It was a final station timer that they had to defend and during the time they also had the war in fountain against test raging. We expected them to form to fight us as they didn’t want another station to fall into our’s for BL’s hands at the time. We had intel that they had brought about 300-400 dudes in slow cats as well as a dominix fleet to fight our nearly filled dominix fleet. We killed a ~40 man raven fleet from a random alliance at the time and just as they entered local to fight us we went to a safe POS and safe’d up. They began to shoot the station as it would have been easier then repping its armor and shields up and as they entered low structure with it we off-lined our sbu’s in the system. This forced them to either re-sbu the system to shoot it or repair the shield, armor and structure in order to reset the timers. We then got on a titan and left back home.

I have to say, you are an amazing logistics pilot (does sucking up get me on the watch list and pre-locks? 😀 )How long have you been doing logi?

Though sucking up gets you brownie points I prefer isk for watch list spots as they are a highly sought after item! 😛 As for how long I’ve been doing logi probably since I could fly a t2 Logi ship Id say. Its something that for a new player is a cheap and easy option when first beginning EVE. Takes very little time to be taught how to do logi work in a small or large fleet while also being highly valuable to the fleets overall survival. Without the logi backbone nearly every fleet doctrine in EVE would be a failure no matter the skills of the pilot. Its simply a job that is necessary.

What advice would you have for a new logi pilot?

Foremost DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS. I can be a a troll and asshole to many people but when it comes to someone joining a fleet and asking what they have to do in order to be successful at being a logi pilot ASK. I rather have to take a few extra minutes of my time to make sure you understand what to do then you become a weak link that could compromise the fleet. As a general rule I make sure that all the logi have the correct fit and I tell people to talk over me if they feel something needs to be said that is important. We use a whisper in mumble during fights for a reason so that the FC can talk and we can talk and not interfere with each other. So set your whisper up and use it.

What is your favorite fleet comp to logi for?

I enjoy doing logi for the T3 fleets the most. The T3 fleet that we run uses Oneiros as Logi but due to how the T3 fleet operates the fit for the Oneiros is dual prop consisting of a MWD as well as AB. This ofc means that it is not close to cap stability so it relies on pilot skills to manage your cap boosting. This shines when done correctly but if just one mistake is made and unable to be corrected it can lead to the death or the whole logi wing or the whole fleet.

What are your initial thoughts on Entosis so far?

I have been personally lucky to not have to use the Entosis so far but from what I can tell it seems okay. With dominion based sov the problem was the grind relied on a lot of DPS which then relied on the use of either capitals or a lot of sub-caps to apply that dps in a timely fashion. With Entosis based sov its a fixed time limit in order to achieve your goal and so far I feel that its just the same as Dominion Sov but instead of being able to bring more dps to go quicker you are stuck for a set period depending on the level of the system. Then again we have a few more weeks to see if there will be any changes to the mechanic.

Are you looking forward to ‘Fozzi-sov’? How do you think it will impact the alliance?

I look forward to Fozzie-sov as I feel it will bring something new to sov whether it is a good or bad thing I have yet to go on duality and test it out so I cant say with certainty. Will it cause some alliances to drop half or more of their sov to counter? I’m not sure, as for TRI I think we have a great plan to live with Fozzie based Sov and I cant wait to see what happens.

What is your most embarrassing killmail/story?

My most embarrassing loss-mail was likely this ratting tengu: Kill: AoTxLoGiX (Tengu) I was running a 4/10 and I was cocky with my fit against blood raider neuts :S So I caused new spawn far too early. Lets just say they neuted me out and my tank broke quickly after. I was more worried at the time that it would show up on the alliance kill board and people would make fun of me at the time but thankfully it didn’t and my corp mates had a good laugh and I got the loot and moved on. Was a great learning experience.

What are you most looking forward to within the next year in EVE?

Mostly to see what happens with TRI and Fozzie-Sov. TRI is a great alliance that I enjoy, not too spergy but just the right amount and with Fozzie sov coming soon the landscape of null may well change in a big way.

What is your favorite solo ship to fly, and why?

To solo I would say the sabre. Its cheap and fun to fly whether alone or with a gang/fleet. You have the ability to hold nearly any ship in the game with bubbles and your fast enough to gtfo of most situations but are cheap enough that you don’t care if you lose it.

If you could change one thing about EVE what would it be?

If I could change one thing in eve it would have to be the Ishtar. I hate the fleet doctrine so much. Its too easy to just drop drones and kite the enemy to death while being nearly impossible to catch unless your anchor/fc messes up in a big way.

In your opinion, why should someone join Tri versus other null sec alliances?

TRI is an unusual alliance. Some corps are former WH groups while others have been in null-sec their entire lifespan be it in a care bear alliance or pvp only group. We are willing and able to fight outnumbered and put everything on the line if need be in order to achieve our goals. We are willing to sacrifice quite a few dreads if we need to win a fight and even if we don’t win a fight we are happy to take it as its content that would otherwise not be made. Fights such as this.


EVE Related Celebrity: Garst Tyrell ofc
Wartarget to shoot: Never in high-sec to shoot them sadly ;\
Ways to make isk: Incursions
Ammo: Hail M since that’s what I link all the time with my scimi fit in logi channels.
Ship: Scimi/Oneiros I suppose
Corpse: AoTxLoGiX’s Frozen Corpse
Star System: SAH-AD for now
Drink: Moonshine
Food: Maryland Blue Bay Crabs, nothing beats that on a summer day.
Song To Fly To: This

Thank you for the interview!

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