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Interview: JAY WRIGHT

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jay wright

How long have you been playing EVE? Is Jay Wright your original toon?

I’ve been playing EVE since 2007, and JAY is my first toon. I’ve had a few alts I’ve trained to sell and have a second account which I also use for other things.

Have you participated in any of the EVE Online out of game events like Fanfest or EVE Vegas?

No. I’m not that cool. I don’t have Facebook or twitter nor do I tend to use EVE related social media sites.

What is the most appealing thing about EVE? Also, least appealing?

The thing I like most about EVE is the people. They make the game. The good, the bad, and the down right idiotic. They keep me logging in to catch up, help, and laugh at and with. I met my future wife in EVE  six years ago and we have been sharing the same hanger bay now for 5.

If you could change one thing about EVE what would it be?

That’s a hard one. I could say Fozziesov right now but I think everyone is pissed at that one. I think the most annoying thing to me is CCP’s intent on creating new shinny stuff all the time instead of fixing the things that have been broken for years. Simple things like Guest list in stations not showing people’s standings, and getting aggression timers when your mods cycle yet don’t activate. The smell in my hanger bay, but I think that’s just the corpses. The fact that EVE doesn’t auto correct my spelling. Now that would be a fix worth seeing.

What other games do you play besides EVE?

I was a mad tanker for a while. But other than that, EVE’s really been my major love for years. There are plenty of MMO’s and great games out there, but EVE seems to have everything I need.

Have you tried other parts of the game, like wormholes or high sec?

I’ve tried most aspect’s of EVE. I’ve lived in WH space for a few months, and been -10 in low sec. I’ve run small corps and have done mining. I’ve even done the whole hi-sec care bear thing which I fall back to if I just need a break from 0.0, but I’m afraid to admit I’m a kill-mail whore and like making other people’s ships explode.

How long have you been an FC? How did you get started FCing?

I wouldn’t concider myself an FC. Having flown with some of the best out there like Shadoo, Mister V, and the guys we have in Tri, i’m so far down the pecking order I’d not even take the tags lol. I have commanded large fleets from my days in SoK. We covered around 15 c3 and below wormholes and I was responsible for covering those. I did a lot more when In -FA- , smaller corps I’ve helped out. I tend to sit on the side and step up with the smaller ops and in a major fight when all the good ones are dead lol.

What advice would you have for a new FC?

The thing I find is people who lead fleets like to get in on the action too much sometimes. You have to stand back and watch. Your job is to get your people into the fight on the best terms possible and aide them by kicking the enemy’s tree house down. Be calm in your actions and commands, and allow your people to do their job. Micro-managing fleets will cause you to burn out and resent leading them.

My personal aim is to have intel and scouts everywhere. Knowing what the enemy is doing and going to do wins more fights than just warping in and beating each other with sticks, though a pure balls deep brawl is fun from time to time. I also find smooth comms and calm heads win more fights than screaming at pilots when they warp in at 10km instead of 0 zero and calling folk out for using the wrong kind of ammo. That’s for after the fight. I also try to be the first on grid and the last to leave, and I’ll bend heaven and earth to get my people home. I follow real life rules there: never ask of those you not willing to do yourself.

Discuss some of your most memorable moments within Triumvirate, and outside of Triumvirate.

Well as I’ve not been in Tri for more than a few weeks, but I’ve had a blast so far. I hope you lead me to glory and good fights. Out side of Tri, gearing my future wife chewing out an FC who got her entire fleet slaughtered for no reason and swearing at him for 20 mins in more languages than I have ever heard including Latin. It was the first time I’d heard her voice on comms and I was done. He was the alliance CEO but she made him run to his mum. 200 people stopped talking while she went bat-shit and I sat there with the biggest cheesy grin on my face and fell in love.

What do you think of ‘fozzi-sov’ so far?

Fozzi-sov… faction warfare in 0.0. The idea was sound but yea, I think it’s going to take a long while for it to get there.

What is your roll within your corporation? Discuss your duties.

Duties in my corp… making the rest of them look good? lol, no I’m a combat monkey. I have no roles or duties above turning out for as many fights as my time allows and blowing as much stuff up possible.

What are your favorite ships to fly? Least favorite?

I am afraid to say FALCON. God I love that ship. Yea yea I know, sit at range and jam people. But a good ECM pilot is like a good FC. Used well, they can really f*** shit up. The widow is a very close second. It’s amazing to look at, deadly to use, and requires a box of tissues to hand out … FOR THE TEARS! God you people.

What is your most embarrassing killmail/story?

That’s easy. Trashing a mates faction tower and mods. A good friend had been deployed to Iraq and had folded his corp while away. I was asked to haul all his gear back to Hi-Sec for storage and he had contracted me like 20 billion isks worth of stuff. 6am and no coffee caused me to ‘trash’ instead of ‘select all’ and poof went one faction dread tower and 62 faction pos items.

I twigged what I’d done and the sweat started rolling off me faster than a vicar at a kid’s party. I shit myself and started screaming to CCP for help. I knew there was no chance they would, but don’t ask don’t get, and I spent the next two days thinking who I could get hold of the gear again. But CCP saved my arse big style. They gave me it all back, and even moved it to a Hi-Sec station for me.

What is the thing you’re most proud to have accomplished in EVE Online so far?

I’ve been in a lot of corps and alliances, but the thing I love the most is my private channel where my mates hang out. Stupid I know. I could have said all the fights I’ve won or the shinny ships I’ve killed, but my chill out room channel is my main joy. In there are the people who have mentored me, befriended me, and become family to me. We are closer than most real life families ever will be, and most of the guys have been with me since the start. Plus of course meeting my lady. Not many people can fall in love and move in together from playing games but yea 😉

Please link any blogs, kill boards, or videos that you’d like to share.

A must see. All three.

And this, cause I sound like an utter cock so may as well get it over and done with.

Word Association! First word that comes to mind when I say:

CCP – serverdown again
Militia – targets
Monocle – Riots
Entosis – FFS
Carrier – ratting
FC – Rage
Noob – me
Troll – Mittens
Directror – shoot on site
Fleet – 😉
Carebear – food
Jita – Trolls
Minmatar– iskies
Warp core stabs – ffs
Fedo– Ketchup
Gallente – ishtar
Alliance chat – ROFL
Moongoo – Broken


Alliance – Any that steps up and fights.
Eve Related Celebrity – Vile rat. Rest easy among the stars brother.
Ways to make isk – Any way possible.
Ammo – Any cause someone’s going to have a headache.
Corpse – The idiot who pissed my lady off . Took me four years to finally find that guy and pod him, I gave it to her and the rest of the night, well , ffs behave you lot.
Star System – Lamaa,  where I ran into Lords. My first pvp corp. Best corp ever and the place I was schooled in the arts of E-War.
Drink – Coffee.
Food – Anything but sprouts.