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Amarr and Caldari Militia’s Sink Pandemic Legion Archon in Amamake

Posted in Battle Report on September 8, 2011 by shaleelianne

By: Eran Mintor

On the first monday of September, a combined Amarr and Caldari fleet (48) formed with the intention of killing a Pandemic Legion capital ship. Knowing that PL could very quickly outnumber and outgun the militias, black-ops was used to exact a quick assault at one of PL’s own towers.

PL very recently made their base of operations in Amamake, with cyno’s and titan bridges active throughout the day. We (the Amarr/Caldari) had initially hoped when forming that we’d be bait PL to drop some capitals on a gate or belt, however with only a handful of “non-cloakies” as bait, it was soon realized it was unlikely capitals would be droped on such a small fleet.

The combined fleet re-located several times until it was decided we would hit Amamake. Scouts were sent out, and the “non-cloakies” held on an Amamake gate; Two harbingers, one maller, one crusader, and one crucifier. One harbinger was sent into Amamake top belt and a recon reported the Osoggur gates cleared. Eventually the POS’s were scouted; our last remaining hope was that we could find an AFK or clueless capital ship outside the shields and would kamikaze a few bombers to kill it. A Nyx, two Archons, an Avatar, Machariel, and various other ships were on scan inside the POS’.

The recon scouted both POS’, reported all ships inside the shields, then without warning, a cyno appeared on the planet VI – M2 POS. After the recon reported a Rapier as the PL cyno, the Amarr’s primary cyno ship warped to PL’s active cyno beacon at zero, dropping Amarr/Caldari cyno on contact.

At first, only about half of the nearly forty bombers jumped in. As they did, a PL Archon jumped in ontop of the cyno and the Rapier quickly died. Points and webs were called on the Archon as a Machariel inside the POS began to drift outside the shields.

Initial cyno died to the POS and assorted PL with still approximately half the bombers in the bridging system. Second cyno lit, and the rest of the Amarr/Caldari fleet eventually entered. The drawn out entry of bombers allowed the PL carrier more time to consider his options; as the rest of the bombers and black-ops entered, he entered triage in low armor. His now increased armor repair made it seem like it was going to be impossible to kill before the small artillery batteries from the POS popped too many of our bombers, eliminating our only way to kill him. However, we were still getting through his reps and chewing on structure for brief moments.

All ships aligned out and over-heated. Silence on comms was soon broken by cheers of joy and the order was given to warp off. With the fleet scattering, a PL Muninn was caught at the sun and quickly ganked. In the process, a Nyx, Machariel, Rapier, and Vagabond all warped on field. It was quickly decided we had done all we could with what we had, and the order was given to get safe.

The Amarr/Caldari fleet sustained about 15 losses, mostly bombers solo’d by the artillery guns of the POS, but the cyno ships and a few other non-cloakies met their demise as well. PL suffered an Archon, Muninn, and Rapier loss before reacting and bridging a faction battleship fleet back into system.

While the Amarr/Caldari militia’s have no desire to take PL on head-on, the assault was successful. For once, Pandemic Legion was the victim of a hot-drop.

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Gallente & Minmatar Capitals Surprise Caldari

Posted in Battle Report on July 17, 2011 by shaleelianne

Author: Eran Mintor

In the early hours of July 16th, Caldari and Gallente forces in the Sujarento and Tama systems engaged multiple times on the star-gates between the two systems. Beginning in Tama, Gallente mustered a shield-battleship gang, fit for range and kiting who were met by a similar Caldari force. The majority of the Caldari fleet consisted of shield-battlecrusiers, which engaged the Gallente for approximately 30 minutes in Tama. ( Tama Battle report)

After he initial engagement, Gallente forces withdrew to the Sujarento gate and jumped out. The Caldari fleet pursued, managing to pick off a few tempests on the other side who failed to take range with the rest of their fleet.

The engagement continued in Sujarento, where the Caldari eventually got a warp-in onto the middle of the Gallente range-fleet, allowing them a clear opportunity to engage within their optimal ranges. As the Caldari dropped out of warp on top of the battleship fleet, a cyno appeared on overview; Gallente had called in capital support.

Shortly after the cyno was lit, a Gallente capital fleet of carriers arrived in Sujarento to assist in the fighting. By this point, most of the Gallente sub-capital fleet had been destroyed and the Caldari were working on mopping up the rest of their support fleet. Once the support was gone, they turned onto the capitals.

However, most of the Gallente capitals had managed to warp off; all except for the carrier pilot ‘texocyo’ who was getting hammered by the Caldari fleet. As texocyo’s carrier dropped into half-hull, the remainder of the Gallente carriers warped back ontop of him and began to repair the damage he had sustained. Soon, a new cyno was lit and more support came in to assist the Gallente; this time Minmatar capitals were on field as well, adding more carriers and dreadnaughts to the fight.

With climbing losses on both sides, the Caldari struggled to hold the field while waiting for additional support to come to their aid. A neutral fleet friendly to the Caldari arrived, but was soon destroyed and unable to assist in the main fighting. Eventually the Caldari had to retreat, both sides neither at a clear advantage but unable to do much to the other.

After the battle, Gunnyt31 of the Caldari militia claimed a tactical victory against the larger Gallente/Minmatar fleet, which in the end consisted of at least 7 carriers and 3 dreadnaughts. The Gallente did not contest this statement but continue to find ways to surprise their enemies.

Sujarento Battle Reports:


Late Night Skirmish In Auga

Posted in Battle Report on July 14, 2011 by shaleelianne


After a mostly uneventful night around the Amarr-Minmatar war zone, the evening ended with a surprising turn of events in Auga as Minmatar pilot Bahamut420 undocked from the Auga VIII- M2- Republic Fleet Assembly Plant, commonly known as Auga 3rd, in an Archon.

Amarrian station campers immediately went for the bump as two battleships undocked, accompanying the Ice Fire Warrior’s CEO into battle.

Dolmant was reported to have undocked in an Archon as Bahamut went into triage, followed by several other Minmatar pilots.

The Amarr countered, cynoing in Predator Elite’s Revelation’s as the rest of Amarr scrambled to form up, bringing in an assortment of neuting and dps battleships.

Predator went into siege on Bahamut though the Amarr failed to break his tank.

The fighting ended with several Minmatar losses, Amarr holding the field, though the battle report shows a combined loss of over six billion, with the Minmatar winning the ISK battle.

Notable losses include Amarrian pilot, RTSAvalance’s Bhaalgorn and Minmatar’s Delphaus’s Moros.

Placid Region, The Battle of Harroule

Posted in Battle Report on July 8, 2011 by shaleelianne

Harroule, a Gallente star system in the Placid Region fell today as the Caldari pushed forward in their campaign to claim Gallente territory.

As the system fell vulnerable, Caldari prepared for a long, drawn out battle at the bunker by calling in their Amarrian allies.

Wolfsbrigade, newcomers to the Amarrian Militia, hot dropped carriers onto the Gallente’s initial fleet, securing enough time for the remainder of the Amarrian fleet to move into place, still en route over a dozen systems out.

As a result of the Wolfsbrigade capitals, the Gallente fled to the neighboring system, Ostingele, to prepare for a counter attack. Not long after, the Gallente commander called in support outside of the militias, including John Revenant of I-RED and several members of the Galatic Shipyards Inc [GSY] corporation.

As the Amarrian fleet landed in Agoze, two jumps out of Harroule, the Gallente fleet warped in on the Harroule bunker for the second engagement.

Moments later the combined fleets of Caldari and Amarr militias engaged. Cynos were sprung across the battlefield as ElCheeco Mofo from GSY hotdropped a Nyx. He was quickly countered by Radien. Alliance, bringing in more than twenty neutral super carriers.

The engagement was soon over, though the Gallente retain control of Harroule.

BattleReport Here