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Opinion: “It’s Not Broken, It’s Meant to Suck To Be You” – Ryven Krennel

Posted in Editorial on May 11, 2012 by shaleelianne

Hello FW peoples. Some folks may know me. Others (the lucky ones, I imagine), may not. I’m a I.LAW director, diplo, resident A$$hat, etc. Shalee asked me to talk about my thoughts on the upcoming FW rape changes. Interesting side note: Someone was telling me on vent a while back that Amarr Militia needed to be nerfed. CCP heard your prayers. lol. Okay, here goes:

There have been a lot of opinions flying about the interwebs based on the new Inferno changes to FW. I have (no surprise) been somewhat involved in this, but, I have taken a slightly different view. While a lot of folks are rage-quitting FW over it, and others are spamming eve forums with hateposts, I’ve mostly been trying to figure out how to deal with these changes when they go through. However, let’s start with my feelings (ewwww).

I feel like I can’t be terribly upset about this. I’m actually almost pro-Inferno. Firstly, I’ve complained several times that occupancy was meaningless. CCP has given it meaning. So, yeah. Secondly, I’ve complained before that docking in enemy space seems silly (more on that in a second). So, yeah. I similarly have lamented that pvp kills should have more LP reward or something. WIN. However, the reality of my desires does not match the expectation.

There are two ways to look at the upcoming changes. One of these is from an RP stance. As a semi-active RP’er, I came to FW about a year ago and was shocked that I could dock in enemy space. I was amazed that there were no real consequences for being “at war.” I had tons of targets, but could dock in the station belonging to the TLF. This made no sense to me. Similarly, I found it surprising that there were no real benefits to taking a system or bothering with plexing. I have quite a few VP laying around and no use for any of it. It is nice that I am about to be rewarded for offensive plexing. This is one actual upside to being the loser. ALL PLEXING IS ABOUT TO BE OFFENSIVE PLEXING FOR ME. Bring on the LP.

The other standpoint is one based on gameplay mechanics. This is where most people seem to have hangups. I, for one, am okay with the station lockouts, for the reasons mentioned above. The issue I have is with the compounding effects of station lockouts, plus LP penalties, plus any other disadvantages the enemy puts into their system’s infrastructure hub. The effect of all of these implemented together is that the side that is currently unable to effectively take space back (i.e. Amarr) cannot dock and reship quickly, has to travel further, and has to pay 4x as much in terms of ISK/LP to gain items from its stores, and only has two stores it can even access if all our space is taken. This has the net effect of being extremely discouraging for a lot of players. The reality is, the changes are going to be rough on a lot of people. Myself included, actually, since I suck at making ISK. In fact, I have been insanely poor for most of my EVE career, aside from recently (thank you SOMER Blink and my dual pirate BS promo wins). Losing a good chunk of what ISK I do actually generate is going to hurt me a little, and I imagine I’m not alone.

So, how do we proceed?

A lot of people are bailing. I can’t fault them for it. Just not my cup of tea. People pay to play this game. They should be able to enjoy it. Other people are going to inject alts into the other side in order to maximize ISK farming via LP and all that. This is hardly surprising. EVE mechanics seem to exist to be exploited for in-game monies. I won’t be hopping on that bandwagon, but I can see its appeal. Still others are waiting it out to see how CCP manages to balance things out over time.

On that note, I do have one suggestion for a way to fix some of the pain in this expansion. I believe there should be some underdog bonuses. Maybe not the same sort of bonuses the winners get, but certainly some benefits that help to regain systems once lost. Shorter plex time requirements that scale based on how few systems each side holds, perhaps? A system-wide “determination” bonus for ships of the losing side? I don’t know. Maybe CCP can look into that. Doubtful, but, worth some thought. It just seems to be in the interest of maintaining a viable FW population.

Shalee already mentioned that I.LAW will be sticking around. This is totally true. We’re nuts. So, of course we’ll fight against long odds. That’s how we roll. I can’t stress enough how important it is that a lot of us are staying optimistic right now. The truth is, CCP pushes through unpopular changes all the time. Every time, people come unhinged and threaten to murder babies over it. Every time, the players that stick around learn to adapt and overcome. I’m here to adapt and overcome (although, I may still murder a baby, but it won’t be out of anger, so it’s okay, right?). Anyways, see you in the warzone. Look for me in local. I’ll be the one running my mouth.

Opinion: Thoughts on Inferno

Posted in Editorial on May 10, 2012 by shaleelianne

As I’m certain you’ve all seen, a dev blog was released yesterday about Factional Warfare. If not, click here. If you haven’t read the FW thread on the EVE forums, click here. It’s a good read with a lot of valid complaints that are not going to be addressed, because -and I quote- ‘CCP does not care’. Whenever there is a change in EVE it is met with the inevitable rounds of complaints, like when they changed null sov, nerfed the drone regions, and nerfed titans. So our complaints (based on years of continuous FW participation) mean nothing. The forum outcry is well within normal parameters for a feature change.

CCP does not believe that enough people will walk away from FW to take anything the ‘losing’ side complains about seriously.

And rightfully so, because I can pretty much guarantee you that FW will have a massive surge of players in the beginning.

Why? Because I have a feeling that everyone who is currently in FW will stick an alt into the opposing militia to farm LP.

I know I am.

I already know of a lot of people who are preparing for the farming. What’s going to stop me from taking my Mini alt into the Minmatar plexes while they are plexing and soaking up the LP? Or for that matter, into Gallente plexes.

They could shoot me, of course, but after so many times they will lose faction standings and be kicked out of militia.

So yes, in the beginning, a huge surge.

After things start to taper off, we will still see some corporations and random pilots join up to experience FW- but most likely those who do join are going to join the winning side.

Why? Because there are no incentives for them to join the losing side, obviously. Get more LP and docking access to join the winning side.

The station lock out issue is a deal breaker for a lot of players. And really, I’m not going to rehash what countless players have already said on the forums (pages worth, read here), but many Amarrian corporations have stated they will leave over it. CCP hasn’t given them any incentive to stay and fight it out. It will be easier to be a pirate in low sec than to be on the losing side in FW in low sec.

Mutnin from SQUIDS pretty much sums up the whole argument: “Any game mechanic that makes it harder to operate under that mechanic but easier to leave is a flawed game mechanic. Why should I place my corp at a disadvantage to pirates that can dock in the stations I can’t?”

But again, you already know that too.

So that’s my predictions. First a surge, then a tapering off, followed by what we have now. A dying game feature. FW will still suffer, and only those who have been loyal to FW all along will continue to stick around and suffer the shitty game mechanics.

It’s not that I mind being the underdog, not at all. More people to shoot. There is something challenging about facing superior numbers nightly and living to tell the tale. It makes you fly smarter, teaches you to be a better pilot. I’m not complaining about that at all.

What I am complaining about is the mechanics.

*Neutrals get to share in the FW system upgrades, despite their standings to that militia. That is absurd. And don’t forget the main thing, they can dock there. lols.

*You can still dock in enemy highsec systems. That kind of makes no sense.

*NPC’s are not created equal. For the many years that I’ve been in FW, I’ve heard this complaint. This is the FIRST thing that should have been fixed. The absolute first. It is far easier to run plexes on the Minmatar side. And I assume the Gal/Cal have the same complaints, judging by the forums.

*The ease of bugging plexes. It happens, a lot. By the current game mechanics, there are a set number of plexes that spawn at downtime, and then 3 will spawn every 30 minutes after they are closed. Some Minis bug the spawning ones so that new plexes will not appear. If they bug a small plex (the easiest to run), then it will simply stop respawning for the remainder of the day until the next downtime. It is highly irritating to gather up enough people to try to flip a system, spend countless hours orbiting those beacons running them down to have your work foiled by one douchebag who bugs a plex, making it twice as hard to capture a system.

It feels as if CCP are rushing to put out something for FW without having everything ready for it. There are a lot of ‘in the futures’ and ‘someday we will change this or that’. They claim to be looking at Faction/Navy NPCs but ran out of time for it for Inferno. That is kind of galling, that they heap on the punishments for being on the losing side, yet also admit that their mechanics are broken- ones that make it so much harder for the losing side to pull themselves up.

Regardless of the bad mechanics, the inability to dock, and the Minmatar bugging plexes (not that everyone does, but some do), my corporation has decided to stay and see what happens. We are used to being the underdogs, always have been, even when we moved away for a break from the Minmatar and ended up with TEST living in our station. But that’s a whole other story lol.

For security’s sake, we have moved out of the FW zone but are close enough to it still to roam through it.

We will be fighting as always, we will even plex despite the lopsided, broken mechanics of it. We will adapt. We will use different tactics, but we will still be here.

ILAW will stay and I urge all of you on the losing sides to stick it out with us. I urge everyone in Amarr and Caldari to stay and fight despite it all, because when you do win, victory will taste so much sweeter because you DID win despite the overwhelming odds.

See you on the war font.

Editorial: Shalee’s Response

Posted in Editorial on September 8, 2011 by shaleelianne

The other day a couple of people were discussing blogs and complimented me on my ability to write for SovWars without being slanted to one side, saying that I was very fair in what I post.

I do try my best to post without being bias to my beloved Amarr, because as much as I care about Amarr, I equally care about all of Faction War.

I, like most of you who participate in FW believe that CCP has wholly neglected FW and my hopes that with this blog, that perhaps someone there might stumble across it and remember that there is more to EvE than nullsec blobbing.

I believe that Faction War is awesome and has the potential to become something great if they would give it the attention it deserves.

Someday, right?

Anyhow, back to the original point of this editorial. In our little pocket of EvE we’ve had a lot of drama recently in the blog’osphere, which has made for some interesting reading.

I want to point out a few things:

1) Sov Wars is mostly impartial. Meaning, that anything I post is usually factual, not ‘Shalee’ opinionated.

2)..however, I will post articles writen by others that are editorial. If someone submits an article, it is their opinion only, not necessarily the opinion of SovWars as a whole.

3) Susan Black’s blog is not meant to be editorial. She writes from her perspective, that of a Minmatar.

4) SovWars is not allowing Anonymous comments. If someone has something to say in regards to a post, then do it under your own name. If you’re going to rant, complain, whine, etc, then man up and put your name with it. I think it is far too easy for people to post under ‘Anonymous’ to try and make the public believe you’re writing for one side but you’re probably just attention whoring/trolling. There have been comments on Susan Black’s blog that seem to come from the Amarr, but I have my doubts.  I especially think it is someone trolling because anonymous alts are mailing me, asking me to ‘pay attention’ etc.

Trolls are everywhere. I would like to ask Susan to remove the Anonymous option for comments on her blog, force these trolls to admit who they are.

I want to thank everyone who reads and contributes to this blog and to Faction War as a whole.  If you want to submit an article, please EvE mail me.



Weekend Review

Posted in Editorial on September 5, 2011 by shaleelianne

In case you missed it:

…Pandemic Legion moves into Amamake and no one knows why, though many speculate the effect it will have on militia. Most pilots are being told not to fly anything expensive, others are planning vacations to other areas of the warzone. After PL hotdropped three Aeons, two Nyxes, and three other carriers on the Houla gate in Kourm to gank one Redeemer (and failed), Esna Pitojee pretty much sums it up; “..does PL come in any size in between ‘not there’ and ‘omg supers’?”

…Raiden hotdropped the Amarr Militia with over twenty super carriers in Ardar. The battle report can be found here. Read more about it in Susan Black’s blog, here. 

…best pirate kill here. Why? Bane accidentally had their fleet listed in fleet finder. A bored Amarr militia fleet had one member join it to get a warp in to the Widow in Amamake while the rest of the fleet held in Auga. He drops fleet while in warp, lands on the Widow and tackles him. As we jump in, he loses point. He warps off and lands in a safe, cloaked. Our tackle joins and warps to him again, quickly leaving fleet while in warp. He gets point again, fleet blobs him shortly after.

[ 2011.09.03 04:18:53 ] russkinnor > wow.. was i not cloaked?
[ 2011.09.03 04:19:46 ] russkinnor > I had no probes on gate, how did you see me?
[ 2011.09.03 04:19:57 ] Czech Mach > shock and aww?
[ 2011.09.03 04:20:04 ] Predator Elite > luck
[ 2011.09.03 04:20:05 ] russkinnor > im just curious
[ 2011.09.03 04:20:05 ] Alexander Sanct > we are proz
[ 2011.09.03 04:20:10 ] Eran Mintor > I had your safe spot saved
[ 2011.09.03 04:20:13 ] russkinnor > ah well, gf
[ 2011.09.03 04:20:37 ] InSoMniAk 25 > blob pro’s
[ 2011.09.03 04:20:37 ] russkinnor > I was up to speed though, and didnt warp. thats whats the odd part
[ 2011.09.03 04:20:51 ] russkinnor > well down to 3 widows left
[ 2011.09.03 04:20:57 ] InSoMniAk 25 > lol
[ 2011.09.03 04:21:09 ] Czech Mach > 3 more chances to fit it right then

Opinion: Inhonores on the Fall of Harroule

Posted in Editorial on July 12, 2011 by shaleelianne

Author: Seriphyn Inhonores, Gallente Militia

Well, after a hilarious failure by the Caldari militia of trying to bunkerbust Harroule the first time (that involved leaving their battlecruisers in the system’s only station and podding out), the joke’s on us as the system was lost today. This was primarily due to assistance provided by Wolfsbrigade, former Caldari militia and alliance partner with ex-FDU Shadows of the Federation, and now a member of the Amarr militia.

With a 40+ blob composed of Abaddons and battlecruisers, supported by First General’s Archon and a Revelation dreadnought, the Caldari’s intention was purely for a bunkerbust and not for any fights, although a smaller Gallente fleet did their best to take some potshots at the enemy. Wolfsbrigade’s batphone to the Raiden. alliance (which saw many supercarriers dropped on the Gallente fleet when Harroule was first vulnerable a few days ago) meant that the FDU was reluctant to engage any further.

Still, the ability for the Gallente to fend off the initial bunkerbusting fleet and flip the system back to contested from vulnerable was commendable. I’m sure many of us are aware of the spawn mechanics with regards to FW plexes, and sometimes, it’s just a case of pure luck. On the other side of the coin, however, the “squids” currently have better organization and better numbers for such undertakings, despite the Gallente’s prowess in getting the Caldari to run at every opportunity.

Though, the other side always blobs, right?

Opinion: Plexing in Faction War

Posted in Editorial, Uncategorized on July 11, 2011 by shaleelianne

Author: Wendi Wu, Amarr Militia

As someone involved in FW, I found the letters by Almity and Urik Kahn on Sov Wars very interesting. I don’t fly in the big fleets all that often, so I don’t know much about the big fleet movements. On the other hand, the comment about plexes is something I DO know something about, and I think I know why it seems to Urik that so few fights happen in plexes nowadays.

The best way to explain it is to tell the story of one of my days in FW. All of this happened on Sunday, July 10th.

I log on right after downtime. My home system is Asghed, in the Devoid region. It used to be peaceful, but recently the Minmatar have invaded. I know they show up every day right after downtime, so I scan down a minor plex, move my Slicer in, and wait.

Sure enough, less than five minutes later Annah Kitheran shows up in a Daredevil and warps in. I know that the Daredevil will be faction fit with a faction web, making it very unlikely that I’ll be able to kill it, but I figure I might be able to drive it away. To my surprise I succeed, the Daredevil briefly chasing me then warping off as soon as it loses its shields.

Annah calls in backup: three other minnies in Thrashers and Xelianthe, a Loki booster alt, before re-entering the plex. I know the odds are hopeless, but engage the Daredevil anyway. Due to the Loki boosts my Slicer gets webbed, scrammed, and killed.

I head back to base, reship, and come back. I’ve called for backup, but most Amarr Militia members aren’t online yet, and those that are aren’t too keen on an obviously lopsided fight. The two brave souls who show up anyway are Mystical Might in a Slicer and Cryloud in a Thorax. By the time we get in system there are 6 Minnies waiting in the plex to engage us. Okay then. We move into the second minor plex in system and start running the timer while the Thorax stays outside.

The Minnies finish the first plex, warp to the second, and their whole fleet runs quickly past the Thorax and avoids engaging it, leaving me and Mystical against 3 Thrashers, a Firetail, a Hookbill, and a Daredevil, all with boosts. We do our best, but it’s impossible odds and we both have to warp out.

Meanwhile the Thorax pilot is jeering at the Minnies in local for running away. They just laugh: they’re not here for a fight. Finally after 5 minutes of smack-talk in local and after receiving further reinforcements, the Minnies bring their boosted 8-ship fleet out to fight the Thorax. The results are predictable.

There’s nothing we can do, so we wait for the Minnies to finish the timer, which they do, and leave.

It’s not a coincidence that the Minmatar fleet comes every day right after downtime. Their objective isn’t to get a fight, but to choke one off before it starts: they’re hoping to get all the plexes before any kind of fleet can be formed to engage them, meaning any fights they do get into will be easy ganks. By the time the Amarr fleet forms up, all the plexes in the Amarr contested systems have been taken.

I’m annoyed at this point, and figure I might as well return the favour. I’ll capture some Minnie plexes and if I’m lucky might get a decent fight along the way. I head off to the Arzad area and find a Minmatar minor plex in Ezzara. Surprise surprise, Annah Kitheran turns up in her Daredevil. Yeah, I’m not falling for that twice. I wait for her to get close, then warp off. There’s a gatecamp waiting for me in Arzad but I run it and head into the Tzvi area.

In Raa I find Sasawong’s alt, Sheltering Sky, running a minor plex, even though the system’s uncontested. From past experience I know Sasawong won’t fight without the odds significantly in his favour, so I warp in expecting Sheltering Sky to flee, which is exactly what happens. I sit on the timer and shoot NPCs, waiting for the Minnies to show up.

They do, just as the timer hits 9 minutes: Sasawong and Poultergoose. I’ve met Poultergoose before and know him to be more willing than most to engage solo, but as I check my D-scan I see that he’s showing up with Sasawong. They warp in together, and I engage Poultergoose briefly before his tracking disruptor prevents me from dealing further damage. I break range while Sasawong’s arty Thrasher takes potshots at me. Neither is speed fit, so they can’t catch me.

It’s frustrating because it’s so pointless. The two Minmatar pilots are obviously co-ordinating against my Slicer, but what are they expecting to DO? They can stop me damaging them, but they have no way to force me to engage. And the system isn’t contested, so even if they do the 19 minute wait to capture the plex, they won’t gain anything from it.

I head back to Ezzara and go back into the minor plex I was in before. The gatecamp is gone. Sasawong shows up again, and actually warps in on his own this time. It’s his arty Thrasher and a dozen or so NPCs against my Slicer. I start picking off the NPCs, but by the time I’ve taken almost all of them down my Slicer’s taken heavy damage and I know I’m unlikely to win. I warp off to Vard to repair. Sasa follows and waits on the Ezzara gate, and as I land back on the gate I see him jump through. I’d been intending to go back to the fight, but seeing that makes me stop and think. Judging from past experience, If Sasa’s that willing to fight, it means he thinks he can get an easy kill. I turn around and head back to Huola and through to Tzvi the long way. I’m learning.

The Tzvi area is quiet: no Minnies. Once I hit Lamaa I find out why: they’re all in a massive 20-strong frigate blob with Falcon and Rapier support engaging 3 Amarr ships. That ends about as you’d expect.

I run the Minnie camp, head back to the Tzvi-Oyeman area, and do some medium plexes. The Minnies don’t show up. A pirate Rifter does, though. Wait, no, a pirate Rifter and two cruisers. No, four cruisers. No, six – what the hell? I warp off and watch in bemusement as 10 pirate and neutral cruisers and AFs apparently hold a convention at the Minmatar Compound. After about 10 minutes they leave system and I finish the plex.

It’s late and I’m tired, so I head back towards Asghed, keeping an eye on intel for the location of the Minnie blob. On the way I find a pair of stealth bombers running a mission. Normally I don’t bother chasing SBs, but it’s been a dull day and I give it a shot. To my surprise, one of the two SBs doesn’t manage to warp out in time, and I tackle, shoot, and pop her.

The 10 million in loot means I end up not too far down from the Slicer loss. I log off and get some rest.


So, over a day’s worth of fighting in FW plexes, I had a total of 10 encounters. What’s the pattern?

Well, the most obvious thing is how few killmails/lossmails I ended up on. In nearly all of those encounters I was either heavily outnumbered or facing a much more powerful ship, so most of fights ended with me running away. On the couple of occasions where the odds weren’t significantly in their favour, the Minnies just left. The only time I was able to get an opponent to engage when the odds WEREN’T in their favour was by ambush – killing that unlucky Hound in Labapi.

So the reason plex battles tend not to happen very much these days is:

– The Minmatar plexing strategy is designed to make it as unlikely as possible that the Amarr will have a chance to form up a fleet in time to counter them. There aren’t many plex fights because they’re specifically trying to AVOID a fight.
– When the Minmatar do show up, they usually do so with overwhelming numbers and/or booster support. This gives the Amarr the choice of engaging at a disadvantage, or ignoring them. Most choose to ignore them.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all Minmatar pilots. In general I’ve noticed that the ‘fighting’ Minmatar as opposed to the ‘plexing’ Minmatar are more willing to engage, especially the ones that come down into the Kourmonen area. Minmatar pilots like Galdornae and Sumdumgi are much more willing to take on difficult fights, and unsurprisingly, are much more competent and dangerous pilots as a result.

Being outnumbered all the time has its advantages, though. You learn a lot more from flying solo against a gang than you do from trying to gank a lone target. Increasingly I’m finding that I can usually outmatch my opponents one on one, even the ones with more skill points than me.

So all in all – no complaints. Happy

Opinion: Counter to ‘Open Letter to Amarr and Minmatar Militia’

Posted in Editorial on July 9, 2011 by shaleelianne

Author: Urik Kahn, Minmatar Militia, a response to this article.

Ok, I give you the super capital business; the Minmatar have more SC’s. But, capital fights are not what we are all about here in faction war anyway, so I don’t suppose that matters too much. I for one am quite happy to not see capitals fielded on any sort of regular basis. Save them for POS battles and the like.

As for the comments about numbers and ship types and advantages and not wanting to lose, it is the same complaints on both sides. At night (US time zone) the Minmatar usually have more pilots x’ing for fleets, sure, so Minmatar are often bigger.

But when the Amarr have more people on than the Minmatar, it goes exactly the other way. Numbers are the single biggest advantage a side can have and both use it to their maximum advantage any time possible (see US TZ day fleets where Amarr usually outnumber Minmatar).

The minmatar feel in general that we are more willing to fight on even terms (when that actually happens) or at some disadvantage than the Amarr are. It certainly seems to us like the Amarr will not engage if they see much a chance they could lose (Eran Mintor is known in Minmatar circles for running away) and many nights the LateNite fleet does not get in any fights because the Amarr do not come out or don’t engage at all.

That being said, on the nights where Minmatar end up with only six people in fleet and a fifteen man Amarr bc fleet comes out to roam, we don’t engage it either.

Now that Pred is back, perhaps Amarr will see more x’s and larger fleets and therefore more battles! But honestly, you know Pred hates to lose; don’t tell me Amarr FC’s are always willing to fight short handed battles they feel they have no chance of winning.

Alright, my point with all of that, Almity, was simply that both sides say the same things about the other side when the fights don’t go their way. Numbers are the biggest factor; and, in general, at the times you and I are active, Minmatar have a numbers advantage.

On to camping stations. I know of only a hand full of guys who camp Huola station often. I know of about the same number of Amarr who camp Auga looking for ganks. Everyday I warp out of Auga third past some Amarr campers to my insta undock spot. They try to bump, they try everything, and I am certain they get some kills there or they would not stay.

There are probably Amarr outside or docked inside Auga third right now no matter what time you read this. I don’t like station games, but I guess others do. Again, I’m only trying to point out that both sides do the same thing and you and I may not like it, but it is not one sided.

Your whole bit about the Minmatar being known to drop dreads on frig fleets and carriers in battle cruisers fights seems very over blown. Really? Dreads vs Frigs? That dosen’t even work. If some random pilot did that once on a lark, so be it. But no FC calls for that. That isn’t a plan.

Carriers on BCs makes sense if you are out numbered two to one, or the enemy has logi and you dont, etc. I know a few Minmatar like to drop every now and then even when it is not nessisary, but that is a rare occurrence for sure.

Honestly, our reputation in LateNite militia is quite exaggerated at times. We fly recklessly often, especially when an Amarr fleet has not been spotted yet, and quite regularly we don’t have a dedicated FC calling the shots. One thing we DO, is shoot primaries when a fight kicks off.

Man, I have seen Amarr lose some fights very badly, getting no kills at all, that at the outset seemed quite even in ships and numbers. What appears to happen is that a handful or more of the Amarr pilots don’t engage right away. Maybe they are waiting to see if they are primary so they can jump out, maybe they are scared and want to see their side winning before they join in, but man! That will cost a fleet any close fight! Your guys have to engage and stay on targets right from the start!

That brings me to you statements about our spies and alts. I, for one, see many more Amarr alts following our fleets than I know we have following yours. When Eran is FC, his alt is glued to us, man. We don’t have that. Heck, we have people that will convo members of the Amarr fleet to ask where you are etc (no I’m not a fan of that either, but if we had spies and alts everywhere we would not need to do it!) I don’t know of a single person I fly with that has an alt in the Amarr milita. Captain Vagauy did, and that’s the only one I’ve ever seen. We don’t have spies on your comms. Honestly, come fly with us for week or two, talk to Galdornae who switched sides from Amarr to Minmatar. We are less organized and less well informed about enemy movements than you think. You give us too much credit.

I know guys on both sides miss cruiser/af fights. I feel like everynight if the Amarr come out it is a battlecruiser fleet, we start off that way. Maybe ship to bs’s before it is done. And I like those fights too, but man, I have like twenty cruisers that I hardly ever get to use! So lets both try to use plexes to limit ship sizes and bring out smaller, faster fleets. Then, don’t ship up just because the enemy comes in bc’s. We probably didn’t know what was going on! Not shipping up just might be the best choice we make! Numbers will always be an issue, since neither side is likely to tell people x’ing ‘no, you can’t join. We have enough! That makes your own militia dislike you, too, heh. Heck, LateNite tries to be limited. We don’t advertise or recruit from general milita at all. But there people we know, who we fly with, looking for a gang, so we grow. Sometimes I think it would be nice to split into smaller groups and roam that way. But there end up being two problems. 1) if a gang loses a fight to a larger force, they are mad because others were around just in a different fleet. 2) Often there are not many targets, so everyone wants to be where the action is, even when not in the same fleet! No one wants to roam the empty systems while the other group gets good fights.

Anyway, Almity, I saw you letter and thought, “This is the same stuff Minmatar complain about the Amarr!” so I had to add my two cents.