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Random Links & A Poll

Posted in Poll with tags , , on February 8, 2012 by shaleelianne

I’ve added a new blog from a fellow FW pilot that you all should be reading to the sidebar. (

He’s wrote a great article in support of Hans Jagerblitzen and has a very cool endorsement poster that I’m going to steal…


Some of you have asked what Imperial Outlaws have been up to out on the fringes of FW space these past few weeks. You can find out by reading the following article on EVE News24 (


More on the CSM7 elections in popular blog of Seismic Stan, Freebooted.  (


And if you haven’t noticed, SovWars has a new, darker theme instead of the white one.  How do you like it?

Poll: Alliances in Faction War?

Posted in Poll on November 22, 2011 by shaleelianne

On the EvE forums, allowing alliances to join Faction War is currently being discussed as a way to bring more players into FW.

Some think that alliances like CVA and Electus Matari already support FW and should be officially allowed to join so they wont have to suffer security status hits.

Others say that alliances who hold space in null sec should not be allowed in because they already have more resources than your typical FW pilot.

What is your opinion on allowing alliances to join FW?


“That is a question where I initially want to say, “Depends how it would be implemented.”However, I will take a leap and say, sure, let them in. More targets is a good thing. However, I am not sure if an alliance joining FW should be allowed to maintain any null-sec sovereignty. The price of bringing your entity into FW is that you don’t get to own a null-sec empire too. That only makes sense. Having EM to shoot at without taking a sec hit sounds like a nice change, honestly.” – Ryven Krennel, Amarr


“I like the idea of alliances in FW. Not only that alliances could join, but also that alliances could be formed out of existing FW corporations would add some flavour to FW. More people, more dynamics, more fun.” – Odelya d’Hanguest, Amarr 


“Personally I like the idea of alliances joining Faction Warfare; it would mean bigger fleets or at least more of them instead of enormous lengths of time without a single thing to shoot because they run at the first sign of something that will fight back that would be a pretty even fight or in their favour sometimes.

In reality my gut tells me to say no, not that I don’t want it to happen, but it would cause some major imbalances upon the FW community. Casual pvp might as well fly right out the door, stations I imagine would get camped allot more than they already do, and not to forget the value of LP going down the drain (like it did with the agents no longer having quality) also a few other things I won’t care to add. It could be fun I guess having different targets to shoot etc… having challenges and new people to team with I know having wolf’s move in has given new people to fly with, maybe it will be like that, or maybe it will be somewhat of a chaotic challenge to deal with. If they do allow alliances to go to FW I agree completely with those who state the alliances shouldn’t be able to hold sovereignty in Null, they have their own major assets and their own dwellings.

Overall I would love alliances to join, more challenges, and more people etc… as the ages of having a couple of decent BS slug fests throughout the week have disappeared mostly(Amarr and Minmatar I know has), but practically I just can’t see it working with current faction warfare style of things.” -Jimmy Nickson, Amarr


“Wouldn’t like alliances joining FW. First need to fix broken things about FW, that nearly 100% of militia agree on need fixing.. I don’t care how you spin it alliances are alliances. It’s a 0.0 thing. Militia is lowsec. If they want to fight in militia they need to suck it up and join it. If they can steamroll militia for a week in an alliance, they can suck it up and get in 1 corp and join militia, plain and simple.” -FlyingHotPocket, Amarr


“In my opinion, allowing alliances to join Factional Warfare is an excellent idea. If more people are allowed to join the fray, that means more pew pew for all of us. The biggest problem plaguing FW at the moment is inactivity. With the addition of all those pilots it would help spark more conflict in FW regions. Not only would it bring more people into the war zone, it would add an additional RP element for those alliances already vested in a particular faction, such as CVA and EM. Furthermore, if alliances are allowed in, current FW corporations can join or form alliances, giving them access to all the opportunities being in an alliance presents (CAN I HEAR YOU SAY “ALLIANCE TOURNAMENT”!!??) 

The argument against this idea is discredited by the fact that the Amarrians and Minnys are already dealing with a large resource gap among pilots in the war zone area; we’ve had PL breathing down our throats for weeks now. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an Amaar.vs.Minny cap fight that hasn’t been hot dropped by the PL blob. And with the supercap nerf coming, mom blobs won’t be as much of an issue as they were before anyway. I’ll reiterate my earlier point in saying that current FW pilots will be able to join and create alliances, giving them access to better resources.

All in all, we desperately need some changes to FW and I believe if this were to happen it would help resurrect some of the glory FW once held.” – Mazer, Minmatar


“Quick answer from me (most of my corpmates agree) – I think alliances should be allowed to join FW ! -Bajerle, Minmatar 


“FW is and has always been a home for those who love small gang PVP. Allowing alliances to join (even if they couldn’t hold sov at the same time) would create a significant trend towards blob warfare. To get more people into FW, add real rewards for pvp. More LP for kills perhaps (and LP for VP). This would encourage participation on an individual level rather than just turning FW into a 0.0 clone.” -Galdornae, Minmatar


“I believe it would be a viable source of FW players is large-scale corporations/ alliance were to be able to take part, however, it may be advisable to only allow a certain amount through the process, or failing that, restrict the amount of resources that are allowed to be used through the alliance routes.” –Hayz Hayward, Minmatar


“Thank you for your message and the opportunity for me to give my opinion on FW.

I would say that FW offers a unique experience for Eve players. I joined in the first place as it offered PvP for casual players. You could join a gang relatively easily so it was almost a case of “pick up and play”. I didn’t need to worry about logistical problems too much getting ships to front line systems as I would if I were fighting in Null sec.

Present day, things are a little more refined e.g. there are dedicated channels for the more serious and established FW players to form organised gangs. That’s not to say there isn’t smaller Corp gangs roaming either at any one time.

PvP activity waxes and wanes over time since FW started.

I wanted to set the scene for you before commenting on your question. If alliances were to join FW it would change things of course. There would be more players for a start which will mean more PvP. Alliances tend to be richer so I suspect there would be more capital ship battles and blobs. How different would that be if you were fighting in 0.0?

I fear the unique FW experience will be lost with alliances joining which will not be in Eve’s best interests if the game aims to provide a varied and open space simulation.

I hope my comments have been useful.” – Zinto Risingsun, Minmatar


“I belong to the other group and think 0.0-sov alliances absolutely shouldn’t be able to join FW. Look at what PL did to Amarr/Minnie FW without joining. FW corps aren’t (and never will be) as organized and wealthy as nullsec allys, we have no way to counter their supercap blobs. There should be no incentive for them to occupy 2 areas of eve at once. It might be, however, a good idea when tied to another change – banning supercaps and titans from lowsec (maybe except for travel).” -Isalone, Minmatar


“That is a really tough discussion and I can see the benefits from both sides. Yes we currently have Alliances that help support the war effort for both sides both logistically and in combat. In allowing these alliances to join into Faction Warfare I think we would see a jump in activity within Faction Warfare, however I could easily see this being a jump heavily in one direction or another. With this, I believe that allowing Alliances into Faction Warfare would upset the overall balance between the sides. The militia itself is sort of AN npc alliance with the exception of the inability to claim sov. And with nullsec alliancees in Factional Warfare, would that essentially spread our war zone out across all of Eve? And another tought, what if Goons 6000 some pilots join into a side, or any other major alliance powerhouse for that matter?” -Vii Leosude, Minmatar


“+1. As long as alliances don’t hold 0.0 sov they should be able to join FW. Could be a nice step for highsec alliances to get a new game experience without renting space from 0.0 alliances who only care about the weekly payment. Also lowsec alliances, pirates alliances could join and bring new friends or enemies along. But FW and lowsec itself need more than that to get a boost.” coilex, Caldari


“Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this. Allowing alliances into FW would be… interesting. On one hand it would open up a far greater player base, which would be fun since the vast majority of fw combat is currently small gang roams which stresses individual pilot skills – something losec pilots often have in abundance over your ‘average’ 0.0 pilots used to massive fleets. However on the other hand it would open FW up to the kind of blob warfare seen in 0.0. Currently in the Gal-Cal war a blob is anything over 30 man and fleets over 75 strong are usually reserved for fights over a POS. A 0.0 fleet numbering in the hundreds would just see everyone dock up and spoil the fun for everyone. To summarise, more targets would be great however the blobs would be such a turn off that I don’t see it being worth while. Now if only fw could find a place in the alliance tournaments…”  -Oppon’s Pull, Caldari


“It would be interesting, I think there would be no downside to it, as long as it is all or nothing. I do not think you should be able to have one corp in FW, and another one out. But this way, FW could participate in Alliance tourneys, and grow larger than a single Corp can.” -friedmegg1, Caldari


“I have no particular preference for allowing alliances or not, though I worry that more alliances would more capitals, and capital warfare is generally pretty non-competitive and boring.

I don’t think allowing alliances to join FW will meaningfully impact participation in FW, though. Underlying flaws in FW mechanics need to be fixed for people to actually stick around after they start participating and start running face-first into bugs that have not been fixed for two years.

FW plex timers often fail to display if the plex was started before a pilot was in system, or if they have left the plex and returned. FW players who travel to nullsec and who use a HIC take staggering faction standing loss if anyone in their fleet is inside the bubble. Players are allowed to run spies and even entire spy-corps in opposing FW, and brag about it, without sanction (and we can’t shoot them or we eat faction hits). This is just the tip of the iceberg.” -Dynast, Caldari


“Allowing Alliances into FW would be a major mistake, because both as yu said they have much more resources than FW pilots, but also because they have more experience then general FW pilots in doing large scale PVP. Atm entire FW fleets rarely even reach 50, and no chance of reaching 100 pilots och each side. Introducing lag and 500 players on each side will just destroy FW and all it is about. FW is where even a single pilot is suppose to undock and find a fight, mission or gang and join in and have fun. It should not be perfect, it should not be funded by a 500B isk assets fleet.

FW should NOT be a replacement for 0.0 alliances who can’t handle their own, and should not be a feature they can pick when they feel like it. Just the same way as we can’t form a in-game alliance in FW when corps start to work together, to make sure its kept small-scale. Null sec alliances should more than easy have their own terms and own fights in null sec, and if they don’t, its time to disband as an alliance and do smaller things, like FW.

If they do change so that you won’t get a standings hit to you own faction for repping you own corp m8s because they are -5 or worse, that will allow pirates to enter FW and will bring more of a challenge and pilots to FW as it is. (This bug is already petitionable, so its bound to happen unless some other solution is presented)
These pirates however, are not supported normally by a major capital gank fleet, and still are small-scale in that perspective.” Freddy Nightpopper, Gallente


“I would like to see FW alliances. Being able to pair up what we really sort of have now in many cases, formed corporations operating in sync in self-made channels shows the need for alliances in FW. As for resources and sovereignty owning alliances, there would need to be stipulations and limitations allowing these type of alliances in. Maybe the mechanic should be that the alliance joining the FW militia must be sovereignty free. Otherwise resources could be an unfair advantage.

I would like to see my old CVA buddies in that role though. It’s been awhile. I would go to Amarr FW if they changed. GO SPOON!” -Intaki Kauyon, Gallente


“In my opinion, alliances should be allowed in FW, provided that there is a mechanism to prevent powerblocks from disrupting the fighting style that gives FW its character:
– something to discourage stupid supercap hotdrops;
– something to prevent alliances from joining FW just for a couple of days for say… one POS bash, then leaving.

The upside would be allowing FW corps to better organize themselves.” –Rabugento, Gallente

Poll: What changes would you like to see to FW?

Posted in Poll on August 12, 2011 by shaleelianne

“The changes that I would like to see implemented most to FW is a change in the combat aid mechanics and a meaning to plexing.

At the moment people are encouraged to use out-militia logistic pilots because militia pilots get considerable standing hits when repping a gcc or outlaw pilot. Some people, including myself, use that standing to accept missions and fuel their pvp efforts.

Although FW plexes can give nice fights and to roleplayers it might be very interesting, for the average militia member that is not a roleplayer flipping occupancy has no real benefit to it, except for chest-beating. It takes quite some effort and it can be very dull if you are in a remote system. Like I said, good fights can happen, but even the minor plexes are not noob-friendly because faction frigates rule in those and no militia noob will be able to afford a faction frigate.

Therefore I hope CCP gives a tactical or strategic meaning to occupancy.” JasonXXL, Gallente

“Faction Warfare started over three years ago and has gotten very few changes since. Right now, CCP has labeled it as “PVP for Noobs” and generated an easy way for your average scrub to make loads of ISK off of LP. Since implementation, the only changes they’ve made have been towards the mission-running aspect of it, and a few changes of the plexing mechanics behind the scenes they never tell you about (making it irritating for plexers who have to re-learn the hidden mechanics through trial-and-error). Largely ignored by CCP, faction warfare has been kept alive by the avid FWers across EVE trying to add their own twist to it (DeT Resprox should get kudos for his work with the T.R.I.A.D agency, which offers non-npc missions to Minmatar-giving rewards for PvP kills and other PvP related objectives).

The changes to FW I’d like to see are vast, but I think there are a few crucial ones that take priority over the rest:

Firstly, CCP needs to shut up about FW being for newb players. It is true that militias have a lot of new players in them and it is a good starting point for a lot of players to learn PvP, but I find it funny they say FW is a stepping stone to null-sec. Very often, we have recruits who are tired of the sometimes unskilled and laggy combat that takes place in the larger null-sec alliances who decide to join the militias. It’s not uncommon for militia fleets to wipe the floor with null-sec alliances when they don’t bring their superior capital fleets in also. Mis-labeling FW as such is just an excuse for CCP to ignore fixing the many issues with it.

Secondly, plexing needs tangible rewards. FW has devolved to simple gate-camps between a stretch of 2-3 systems which have no purpose other than to try to get a fight. Without objectives that people actually want to capture/hold, there is little incentive for people to fight against the odds, which often results in hours of inactivity unless a roaming neutral fleet rears their heads in the warzone. If CCP adds some incentives to plexing, such as LP gain or giving real advantages to occupying systems (like access to station services), this will create a much more diverse warzone where people actually care to fight against the odds.

Thirdly, I would like to see the the plexes changed so they require more than a simple speed tanker. NPC’s also need balancing (Amarr NPCs < Minmatar NPCs) so they are actually comparable. Plexes should require all NPC’s to be destroyed, or some objective completed (other than a simple timer; something like Sansha Incurions maybe) before they can be captured. This prevents people from solo speed-tanking a major plex with a T1-fit vigil, and would require a bit more work from the militias to change system occupancy.

Lastly, make missions more difficult. It should not be possible to solo a lvl 4 Minmatar FW mission with a single stealth bomber. FW has gotten a huge influx of mission running alts, driving down the prices on the FW LP stores and make it more difficult for the actual militia PvPers to support themselves. These stealth-bomber alts (which are both quickly trained and placed into the militia) are usually supporting non-militia PvPers, who are often attacking the militias.” Eran Mintor, Amarr

“Well the problem lies with low-sec in general. There’s really no isk to be made in low-sec. There are better options like WH, L4s, etc. Pvp is fun. That is a fact. I’m a pretty old player, and sometimes my heart still races when I pvp. The rush is so good.

As I see it, if CCP would make pvp profitable somehow, low-sec and FW would flourish. Thing is though, pvp is more of an isk sink. Take 0.0 for example, there’s a reason to fight – to defend your territory, and all the isk that comes with it.

I often solo roam and often when targets are scarce, I ask myself, why aren’t I making ISK instead? I’m just wasting my time flying around looking for stuff to shoot.

On the other hand though, if FW/Low-sec becomes an ISK faucet, the excitement would diminish since the sense of loss is removed. It’s a problem that CCP has to solve. But as is, it definitely needs an overhaul.” Phuong, Caldari

“Make killing WTs more rewarding.

While killing enemy ships has a sporadic LP reward (which, by the way, should be divided among all combatants and not just top damage dealer) there should also be a bounty placed by our government on enemy pod pilots. Possibly by the rank of the enemy pilot. This would help offset the large cost of losing ships in PvP. Again, the bounty shouldn’t be just to the final blow dealer, but like missions and rats, divided among all participants on the combat grid.

Make plexing more rewarding.

Plexing is boring as hell. If we could see how much capturing added or removed to the status of a system (like in Incursions) then we could motivate people to plex more. And, there should be monetary rewards and loyalty points involved, they don’t have to be large but any little bit helps. And maybe our navies don’t have to be quite so dumb? They could be more like Sanshas…

Make captured systems have some real consequence.

I’m not sure on the details of this one. Maybe we add local navy ‘rats’ to captured systems? Maybe there is some sort of home field bonus to killing enemies in captured systems (to both sides) in an ISK reward? I’d also have a large monetary boost and LP reward to those pilots who capture a bunker. And I’d make a miltia-wide broadcast to both militias when a system has gone vulnerable. Or, over time if a system is captured the friendly rats get tougher/smarter, or maybe it becomes more and more difficult to reclaim the system?

And I’d create a huge reward in ISK and LP to any militia that actually wins… that is, capturing all systems and holding them over time. Medals, LP and ISK rewards militia wide when this happens, and rewarded again maybe for each day that the militia hangs onto all enemy systems…” Kuan Yida, Minmatar

Poll: Opinion on Caps & Supers in FW?

Posted in Poll on July 19, 2011 by shaleelianne

“Capitals in Faction Warfare don’t give either side a real advantage to be honest. Minmatar have the upper hand when it comes to Supercap strength, but they generally refuse to use them, probably out of fear. And generally the capitals are involved in fun fights, so there’s no real issue.” – Mystical Might, Amarr


“The main reason that I came back and stay in FW is for random sub cap vs sub cap engagements. The only op with that I want in FW with a fat expensive ship is a titan to bridge.

Routine cap engagements are best left to those that somehow enjoy the abysmal chore of 0.0 and player owned 0.0 making renters and CEOs rich. In FW, there are no stations to rep/services to cut, no sbus and tcus to quickly nuke and most of militia are understandably reluctant to pos bash. The primary reason for caps in FW beyond station games is to escalate a fight but thankfully that occurrence is a bit reduced with the bat-phone threat.” Nortel, Amarr


“I personally don’t mind the use of capitals or super capitals in faction warfare. If people are willing to risk expensive ships, whether they be capitals, or faction battleships it makes the battles we get into day in and day out that much more exciting. Nothing escalates a militia battle like hearing that a carrier is tackled. However super capitals in my opinion are currently broken in their difficulty to be tackled and the amount of ehp they have. Regardless I don’t mind our relatively small scale capital engagements and look forward to the next one.” Maz3r Rakum, Amarr

In essence FW has grown up and become an arms race driven war zone. This has its advantages, I find the challenge of flying some of the higher end gangs and ships to be quite fun. It has it’s commensurate disadvantages however, I for one miss the days of kicking back in a gang of assorted stuff with no real thought and co-ordination given to how well the hulls will segue. These days are however gone and that is nobody’s fault – it’s just how the game develops.” Annah Kitheran, Minmatar


“I think in each capsuleers quest to gain bigger and better toys to satisfy the time, training and experience they put themselves though, cap/super cap fights are inevitable. As blood hits the floor of the FW arena in cap fights, new warriors spawn from it out of blood lust and more train the necessary skills to join the fights in those ships. But as time goes on, they may become a means to an end for themselves in that losing a super cap may be utterly devastating to a FW capsuleer who is not backed by a multi-billion isk alliance who would replace those ships.

While a pilot may get and use a super cap, it’s like a beacon calling out across all of Eve that an epic killmail may be had. At that time, it no longer is Faction Warfare…at that time, when the cynos light and the Hics warp in and fighter-bombers are deployed, it is not Minmatar versus Amarr or Caldari versus Gallente, it is you versus your nightmare, and in that time…you will feel utterly hopeless, utterly alone.

I’ll stick with my Ranis, thanks!” Sumdumgi, Minmatar


“Well personally I miss the days of about a year ago when we all just flew around and shot stuff. Didn’t need to get everyone all gathered together unless you saw a big fleet up that you thought maybe you could take with more number added to your own. The capitols were fun in the early days when you rarely saw them except at a station. Then the Cap Race began, and unfortunately with the number of them growing and particularly in our (Minmatar) favor. Then the good ol’ fashioned fleet fights just died. The addition of the supers made cap pilots afraid to bring them out, then it became about both sides baiting the others caps. I don’t mind the use of caps so much, but the use of neutral parties is lame. This is supposed to be militia against militia. Which by definition isn’t using super powered other parties. It’s supposed to be people from all walks of life thrown together for one common goal. Mainly, beat the other side. In short would love to see supers and titans for 0.0 only and let the dreads and carriers do what they do in low sec. I also miss the fights with a carrier or two on each side that kept us shipping over and over for the course of an hour that the fight lasted. Then the caps from the side that held field would eventually take the loosing sides caps. That’s my two cents but, I am not a cap pilot for the previously listed reason. There just got to be too many.” Dagren Darius

“In every militia you have corps referred to as mega-corps. These are the largest most active corps and generally the ones fielding Carriers to remote rep. However these mega-corps come and go as they swell their numbers recruiting from the militia before heading off to 0.0. In the Caldari militia we have not had consistent use of cap ships in fleet battles. They are used to capture bunkers from time to time, most recently when Damar Rocarian lead joint Caldari / Amarr militia operation to re-capture Harroule from the Gallente. That battle, which was mostly unopposed can be found here .” RueTiron, Caldari


“I wish capitals were used more to be honest. The only capitals I have ever really seen is a couple of hotdrops, and a triage carrier once or twice. I would like to see some actual capital fleet fights take place, but it probably wont happen since they are so expensive, and people are to afraid to lose their ships.” Jendryk Epsilon, Caldari

“Most of us love FW for the purpose of ship size. What started as a frig only warfare, has just the tendency to be BC and below warfare. Which is a fair circumstance to veterans and new players. When I found FW, I thought this what the game should have been from the start.

If CCP wanted to institute a new rule for super caps only in 0.0 I wouldn’t blink. It would be a good move.

In all I think it would be better if CCP would do more for FW. Like allied FW colors for our overview instead of just having to rely on a miltia column. More incentives overall by CCP should be arranged. It’s just a good pvp life to be in when you like <30M SPs. IMO. They should be encouraging FW more. And making sure outside super cap help wasn’t allowed would help.” Intaki Kauyon, Gallente


“Caps and Supercaps have their place. In lowsec, station gamers and hotdroppers. In nullsec, carebears and lagfest battles. In faction warfare, I feel supercaps are extremely undervalued, and the fact we never see them is they are so overpriced. Furthermore, we have a limited supply of pilots that can fly them. Sure, dreadnaughts have their place. We use them on occasion to bash a POS or ROFLstomp some one’s carrier, but the only real mainstay of a Gallente cap fleet is the carrier.

A carrier can make or break a large fleet battle. You have to know when to drop one, and when not to. The carrier is largely a support ship, as any experienced EVE gamer knows. Repair your fleet and keep the fight alive, allowing the decay of the enemy fleet over time. But if used in the wrong situation, a carrier loss can make your fleet’s losses double and pretty much dishearten the gang.

Gallente does not use many capital ships. As our numbers dwindle and available pilots have been in decline, we do however, see more and more pilots stepping up to the plate with their cap ships. I have been in faction warfare a good while, and since I have gotten here I have seen the face of the game change a lot. Gallente pilots right now feel the walls closing in all around us, with every flashy red noob gate camper banding together and banding with the squids, with increased squid numbers and decreased Gallente numbers, with occasional Amarr roams down to gallente space and an apparent lack of interest to help from Minmatar militia, and lastly (run on sentence), a plexing hotbed of drama from hell. Yeah, I’d say cap warfare in Gallente militia is just starting to heat up.” Saidra Whitewolf, Gallente