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What Not To Do As A Girl On EVE

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on December 3, 2016 by shaleelianne

What not to do as a female space pilot:

DON’T think you’re a special snowflake. Sure, you’re a female in a game with one billion guys (roughly 96%), but that doesn’t inherently make you any kinds of special.

DON’T use your womanly powers to get free stuff on the game. When you manipulate boys into giving you free ships/mods/ISK, just because you have boobs, you make the rest of girl gamers look bad. Put on your big girl panties and learn how to make ISK for yourself. Be a strong, independent pilot who don’t need no man!

DON’T think that if someone does give you something free, it’s because you are a girl. Lots of times, guys will give each other ships for various reasons. It isn’t because of gender. There are a lot of genuinely nice folks on EVE who will share the wealth.

DON’T play to a stereotype. There’s no need to play dumb or act all slutty. It is a game about spaceships, not hookers in space. Ugh, and please don’t be that girl who streams the game merely to show off your tits and ass. Nobody likes an attention whore.

DON’T bring your dating drama into the game. Okay, I was going to say, ‘don’t date EVE boys’, but some of you single girls are going to do it anyhow. (and sometimes it does work out for some couples) But do keep it private. No need to have your relationship be the main focus of your corporation or alliance, because if you break up, you’re forcing the people you fly with to deal with your angsty crap. Again, people are here to play a game about spaceships, not be awkwardly drawn into your Space-Brangelina drama.

DON’T be afraid to stand up for yourself. There are so many great guys in EVE, but there are some real douche bags too (it’s part of the Internet, no place is completely without them). Some guys will hate on you simply because you are female, and go out of their way to make things hard for you. If you find yourself harassed, you have several ways to handle it. If they are within your corporation or alliance, immediately report it to those in charge. It is their job on the game to deal with issues, it’s what they signed up for. If they are in a different corp/alliance, send a polite mail to their CEO/Alliance Executor. Use the block button, it is very easy to do. Right click their name and choose block. If they are in a chat channel with you, then report it to the channel moderator. Lastly, report it to CCP. From the CCP EULA: You may not use any abusive, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive, harassing, harmful, hateful, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, threatening or vulgar language. (Alternate spelling or partial masking of such words will be reprimanded in the same manner as the actual use of such words.) To make a report, click on the ? on your sidebar in game. It will give you a link to the Help Center out of game, and you can file a report under the EULA, TOS, POLICIES section. It simply isn’t okay to be bullied or harassed because you’re female.

DON’T think all smack talk is offensive. You have to have a thicker skin to play EVE. Coming into this game, you need to realize that it is a very dark atmosphere with an unforgiving environment. You’ll have to learn the difference between normal smack and someone deliberately trying to harass you because of your gender.

DON’T think that other girls are automatically going to be your new BFF. But some might. If you’re seeking to bond with other female gamers, there are two female-only channels. Visit the in-game channels, Women Gamers Public, or WGoE:Public. Just remember, not everyone can be a Space Pirate Queen like Mynxee or EvE’s Parody Queen, Sindel Pellion, so check your jealousy at the door.

DON’T settle for a bad corp. Take the time to find one that is going to suit your play style and have an atmosphere that you are comfortable with. You don’t have to settle for corp chat / fleet chats full of porn links and immature behavior. To find corps, you can always browse the EvE Online Recruitment Forums.

DON’T be timid or shy on voice comms. Yes, the majority of pilots on comms are going to be guys. Yes, they are going to collectively gasp the first time you speak. There will probably be comments like, “OMG a GURL”. And that’s ok. Let them get it out of their system.

DON’T give up! The game has a steep learning curve, and it might seem impossible to learn all the things when you’re just starting out, but know that it does get easier in time, and not everyone knows every little thing anyhow. If you don’t know something, it is okay to ask for help.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, welcome to EVE!