Interview: Persephone Proserpine; Amarr Girl Gamer

How long have you been playing EVE and what brought you to the game?
I have been playing for a year and 4 months. Still learning a lot, which I’m sure will never end. The person I was with at the time had been playing. At this point I was still very much hooked on COD, and eventually got curious. The game looked so boring, I wanted to know what the big deal was, then I was hooked lol.

How long have you been with Amarr Militia? What other parts of EVE have you tried?
A year and a month. I started in high sec like everyone does, and stayed there until I felt comfortable enough to come out to low sec, join RTS, and a couple of others I had met.

Why do you think other players should try FW if they have not?
Well, honestly, Why Not? Most of the players I’ve met in FW are awesome. Even met someone on a bus trip a few months back who used to be a miner. All his friends had stopped playing, so he did too. I told him to re-up, come out and hang with us and blow stuff up XP Sadly I haven’t heard from him yet.

From your perspective, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the Amarr Militia?
From what I’ve seen, a large percentage of Amarr are very good at PVP. We have a lot of tight-knit groups, which is both a strength and weakness at times. Our biggest problem is lacking the numbers of active players.

How do you think Inferno has affected FW?
Christ on a Bike… Inferno. I just had to censor every explicative that ran through my mind. I came out of high sec for a reason, and my main source of income had been mission farming, which I only had to do a few hours here and there (You know, like working for a living). Now we have to have the numbers to flip systems if we want to have a good income. Honestly, a lot of the active FW players that I know would rather be fighting than circling a button while staring at the screen, sipping alcohol to dull the ache of boredom.

What do you think of the proposed changes for the winter expansion?
Honestly, I haven’t read it. To quote Someone’s signature off the forums, “The only thing CCP could fix that doesn’t suck is a vacuum.” (Epic sig btw, whoever you are) So I only bother with learning these things thru the rumor mill. Usually too painful to look at XP

What would you like to see done differently both for FW and for low sec?
Let me friggin Dock! It’d at least let us mission again so we could have a somewhat stable income. I understand not being able to dock is a penalty, but when you only have so many, and fewer yet interested in plexing… the point becomes a bit moot.

How important is plexing and sovereignty to you?
ZZZzzzz, I’m sorry, what was the question? If we had more people it’d be more enjoyable. Honestly, I think most of us do it out of boredom.

Who do you admire the most within the Amarr and Minmatar Militias? Who do you enjoy blowing up the most?
Amarr is Muad ‘dib, hands down. He’s been playing so long, that he has the stats to all the modules memorized. I only hope I can learn so much in 8 years. TMFED’s reaction to his trained skills list in Cali was hilarious.  RTS for his balls in flying such shiny ships so often… we like to joke and call him the shiny space pinata, but he really is an epic PVPer. . Also Eran Mintor, and Predator Elite, for taking us out, and leading us into battle. Mad respect to them. I don’t know a LOT of Minmatar, so I’m going to say Mr. Barista, mainly for flying around PL’s 7 titans in a wolf for uh… giggles. Also, I enjoy blowing him up as well, along with Sasawong. (whom we suppose is BORG)

Do you describe yourself as a girl gamer?
Absolutely… also a nerd, I could talk comic books for hours. (Note the Borg comment?)

Discuss how different your EVE experience has been by being female in a male dominated game.
I get asked for sammiches a lot, etc. Which is funny, because I make a Much better omelette, lol. I’ve been hit on, and also apologized to for foul language once they realize I’m Actually a girl, which I also find entertaining, considering I cuss like a sailor myself (the European influences have made that worse:D)

Do you find that the Amarr Militia treats you any differently based on your gender?
Amarr Militia specifically, no.

Knowing that you’re an avid reader, why don’t you blog?
Sadly, because of work I only get to be online so much,  I’m usually not around when all the good stuff happens, I work 3rd shift, so…. *Shrug*

What is your opinion on the EVE chronicles and EVE books?
Only time I’ve read them is when searching for a butan answer. 🙂

What are you most proud to have accomplished in EVE so far?
I was very proud and humbled to be with TMFED when they reached 20k kills. They’re an awesome bunch, and I know my participation was really just a drop in the bucket but I was very proud for all of TMFED. Also, I got to go to california for the first time to meet some of them, which was an epic trip. I’d never been that far west before, and the guys are a lot of fun to be around, we’ll have to do it again sometime. We were pleasantly surprised that we didn’t all end up in jail, as we’d predicted. (Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, now I want another) 😀

Thank you for the interview, any parting thoughts or shout-outs?
Sure. I have a few, Muad for being a great CEO, and making me laugh until I think my jaw will fall off (Not to mention the great Futurama voices), RTS for helping introduce me to FW and letting me join the Lucky Star when I was starting out. TMFED for being an epic group of guys, iLaw whom I have some friends in, Dante and Sunny Chance. The Sov wars guys, Daisha, Jimmy, Mr.Barista, Marginal, Mystical Might, Trans, Morgo, thinnish and the bunch for making things entertaining. They are all the reason I’m on here when I’m not working or sleeping. “Eve IS my social life” as I say, lol and I like it that way. I’ve met some awesome people from all over the world and I can’t wait to meet more <3.

I would also like to note that I talk about Eve at work a lot, and one of my co-workers asked “Is that the game where you’re encouraged to rip people off?” I lol’d.

FW System: Auga
Spacestation: Auga 3rd 😦
EVE Chronicle: uhh…
EVE Related Celebrity: Chribba, I suppose
EVE Related Website: Somer Blink
Way To Make Isk: FW Missions…. 😦
Ammo: Heavy missile launchers and Drones (for now)
Ship: Gila (I’ve been called the Caldari Poster Child… All that will change in the future I’m sure)
Wartarget To Shoot: Barista, cause ❤
Food & Drink While Playing EVE: Pumpkin Seeds, and Rum with OJ
Song To Fly To: Starships (because… it’s about starships)

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