A Post For FCs With Girls In Your Fleets

(( Just to preface, this is merely my opinion, and not reflective of any position of responsibility or authority. I don’t work for EVE and I am not the boss of you. 😛  ))


Don’t forget to take more bio breaks! It is a scientific fact that females pee more often than men. (true story, I googled) So this means, when you plan your hours-long fleets, you need to pull the fleet over at a rest stop! Girl’s don’t have the luxury of peeing in a bottle at the pc, ok???

Don’t assume the girl is going to fly Logi. Sometimes I feel like there’s this misconception that all females are nurturing, and that they want to ‘take care of the fleet’ by ‘space healing’ it. Yes, some of us like to fly logi from time to time, but I don’t think it is any more than the guys. Sometimes we just want to blow shit up too, ya know? So ask, don’t assume.

Don’t allow your fleet to become a cesspool of porn talk. Some people on EVE act like fleets and porn go together like peanut butter and jelly, but it shouldn’t always be that way. I know that ‘guys will be guys’, but sometimes it’s just too much. When the talk goes from locker-room talk to talk about raping girls (yes, I was in a fleet once where that was literally ignored by the FC), then it goes too far. But in this regards, every player is different, and their threshold for what is okay varies, even among the guys. Some guys don’t want that kind of talk/porn links either because their wives/small children might be hovering near by.

Don’t use your fleets to flirt. I know I shouldn’t even have to say that one, but, it happens. I once joined a random, general militia fleet (years ago, back in the day) where I didn’t know anyone in fleet. The guys were nice, but the FC (who had been drinking, I think) literally stopped the fleet to chat me up. It was awkward, lol.

Don’t let your other pilots harass girls in your fleet. (or anyone for that matter) Again, every player is different, and their threshold will vary. Some girls can brush off locker-room banter, but if it is outright harassment directed towards the girl merely because she is a girl, then you should probably do something about it. Don’t let others say, ‘Oh you’re just being a White Knight’. There is a difference between White-Knighting and being a decent human being.

You’re the ‘Commander’ for a reason. Take control of your fleets. 🙂


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