Minmatar Opinion Poll: Removing Faction NPCs In Enemy Highsec?

On a thread regarding FW at the EVE forums, CCP Soundwave recently asked, “One thing we might be able to do very easily is remove the faction NPCs, letting you freely travel in other factions space. How would you guys feel about that change? I’ve always found it a bit sad that we’ve isolated FW in low-sec when it could be done on a much larger scale.”

What is your opinion on removing faction NPC’s in enemy highsec?  

“Personally, I think it would be pretty awesome. But I think some corps would need to create entire alt corps dedicated to standard carebearing duties like hauling, just to avoid being ganked.

Though, TBH I think it would be better if the NPCs just became kill-able like in plexes–then they would become an annoyance rather than a barrier, but still perform some protection of an Empire from marauding hordes of enemy capsuleers.” – Kuan Yida, Minmatar

“I’m opposed to it. Some clever players have found ways to work around the Navy spawn and attack missioners/miners in hostile space when they think they are safe. If you remove this layer of npc protection for them, that illusion of relative safety vanishes and I suspect it would actually harm to high sec attacks more than it would help.

Additionally, not all of us have neutral hauler alts to resupply. It could potentially drive many of the non-hardcore guys out due to the difficulty of resupply. Obviously I’m not psychic so I can’t be sure as to how this would play out, but I see this causing a sudden influx in high sec kills followed soon after by a drop in overall militia activity.

Our focus should be on the low sec aspects of FW like giving occupancy some sort of meaning and moving LP rewards away from PvE activites.” – King Rothgar, Minmatar

“Would be good, I’d probably pull my alt into FW too so ace could enjoy the lowsec.

The down side? Lowsec would be deserted.. all but mission runners, mostly in bombers.” – Acadias, Minmatar

“Hmm, with Faction NPC removed, then the battlefield would be spread too wide & thin. At the moment, we all know where to go for a fight.

Maybe reduce the NPC ability would be better (slower response time, damage, etc).” – Number x8, Minmatar

“I’m not sure I like the idea gangs roaming around empire unchecked, it would likely be the effect and I personaly feel this would seem farsical rather than epic.” – Raldo Corsayre, Minmatar

“I strongly oppose the removal of faction NPC’s in high security space at this point and time.  While expanding the warzone to include highsec is a great long-term iteration of Faction Warfare, it is not a viable “fix” to the current problems plaguing the FW system.  It will lead to easier highsec ganking and station camping, and highsec warfare is still quite viable even with the current NPC mechanics.  Fleets can already venture deep behind enemy lines if they are bold and brave enough, and those kills are quite rewarding and should not be diminished.  Expanding the warzone should not be done until the very essence of FW is fixed to begin with.  We should not be brining more people into a system that already struggles to keep new people interested because of the lack of rewards for participation other than lucrative missions.

Futhermore, the players have given years of outstanding feedback and suggestions on how to improve the plexing system, standings issues surrounding FW, and the LP reward system.  While we may not all agree to every suggestion, there are some clear fixes rising to the top of conversations, they should be loud and clear for CCP staff reading the forum feedback.

A quick fix like removal of highsec NPCs may take minimal effort and change things up, but it doesnt address any of the player feedback that we have taken so much time to painstakingly communicate.  While I agree completely with the spirit of Soundwave’s suggestion, and would love to see it implemented down the road, the core of FW gameplay needs to be patched up using the feedback players have provided first and foremost.  Once FW has become a healthy PvP enviroment with a variety of fleet sizes and meaningful objectives once more, than I advocate expanding it into highsec.

Lastly, many have pointed out the RP / lore issues surrounding highsec FW.  If the empires currently have a agreement to not engage in open warfare, than letting the FW PvP spill into prominent highsec systems flies in the face of the current story conditions.  Any expansion of the militia wars should be accompanied by the appropriate changes in lore, perhaps part of the type of storied expansion that created Faction Warfare to begin with.” – Hans Jagerblitzen

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